June 1, 2023
Konstantin Meladze.

Konstantin Meladze.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Moved to Europe Konstantin Meladze until recently continued to make good money in Russia. And it’s not even about royalties. Saying goodbye to our country, the composer did not cut ties with a profitable business. Contain luxurious mansion near Lake Garda in Italy, Meladze Sr. was helped by dividends from the activities of a successful label.

In the “First Musical Publishing House” the artist was among the founders for several years along with Viktor Drobysh and other colleagues in the shop. This label makes money on such stars as Sievert, Eva Polna, Leningrad, Denis Klyaver, Rita Dakota, Nyusha, Timur Rodriguez… It releases songs, sells corporate parties with celebrities. Money work: for example, according to KP.RU, last year the company earned 1.3 billion rubles with a net profit of 209 million.

Meanwhile, the other day Konstantin Meladze unexpectedly left the founders, refusing to participate in a profitable business. Recently, with disgraced stars, this is not uncommon: as lawyers say, they become too toxic for Russian companies – they say, if the name is inclined in a political context, this will certainly strike at the reputation and profit of the entire brand. It is possible that Meladze could “ask”.

However, the businessman-composer turned out to be not a bastard: according to KP.RU, he left the label for a reason, but transferred his share to his sister Liana Meladze. So the money, as they say, remained in the family.

In addition, Konstantin still has one more business in Russia – his own Recording company “Meladze Music”. Here the turnover is more modest, but enough for life. In 2022, the company earned 16 million rubles, and net profit amounted to 14 million.

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