June 4, 2023

In this sense, the union leader recalled that said Law was approved in Parliament in June 2020 and has been in force since July of that year, “without relevant steps having been taken that translate into substantial improvements in this area and without that we have the energy audits of the centers and the pertinent corrective measures in each case”.

In addition, he has pointed out that “the actions that are being carried out are carried out at a very slow pace, taking into account the high number of educational centers and necessary actions”, while he has claimed “that the Ministry has planned an annual departure budget to undertake the bioclimatization of educational centers, so that the actions do not remain on paper.

Likewise, he has criticized that the response of the regional Administration to the situation created in anticipation of the heat has been the publication of some instructions “that do not offer a satisfactory solution to incidents due to high temperatures, but rather what it does is make them responsible for the decision-making to the centers, which can also be controversial decisions because they affect reconciliation,” he argued.

In this sense, García has called for “the urgent adoption of solutions and structural measures, as well as a joint and coordinated response from the administrations involved, both the regional one and the local corporations.”

«This is an issue (heat) that directly affects the working conditions of teachers and the PAS and the comfort of the students themselves, so it is urgent that the necessary measures be taken so that the activity in the centers is develop in conditions in which the safety and health of people are not affected”, as he explained.

In this line, he has alluded to the “systematic breach” of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law on the temperatures that must be maintained in the workplace, and that they must not exceed a maximum of 27 degrees.

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