June 4, 2023

“Let’s save our sustainable fishing, let’s fight for our fishermen and guarantee healthy consumption and the best quality of our fish and shellfish.”

With this message, the Freezer Vessel Owners Association of fishing seafood (ANAMAR) joins the common protest day of the sector against the policies of «destruction of the future community fishing» launched by the European Commission.

This Tuesday, May 9, Europe Day, fishing boats from all over Europe will sound their horns for five minutes, as well as the fleet of ANAMAR vessels that fish in the different African fishing grounds «The horns of the boats are used to send important signals, some vital, including the call for help.

That is why the community fishing boats, wherever they are, will sound them at 12:00 on Europe Day. The workers of the sector of the European Union will launch their call for help to the community society, against a policy that only seeks its extinction, the shortage of products from our markets, the loss of a minimum food sovereignty, as well as the economic and of the European regions that depend on this sector’.

Community representatives consider Europe Day an “exceptional moment” to show the discrepancy of the entire sector of the European Union with a fisheries policy “that increasingly defends the interests of Europe less and less supports its fishermen.”

“Brussels legislates with its back to fishing”

Brussels “legislates and lives with its back to the reality of its citizens”, with proposals such as the package of measures included in the Action Plan, “which will be a de facto point of no return for European fishing capacity”. This plan includes an explicit willingness to gradually eliminate European moving bottom fishing, which currently employs 20,000 fishermen, which in the opinion of the sector may mean the disappearance of this activity.

We proudly fulfill our role of providing the best quality and healthy food to fellow EU citizens. We do it sustainably, under one of the strictest regulations in the world, and we love our work. But our way of life is in danger. We simply ask for your respect.

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