June 2, 2023
Elena Blinovskaya with her husband Alexei

Elena Blinovskaya with her husband Alexei

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

“Marathon Queen” Elena Blinovskayaaccused of tax evasion in the amount of almost 1 billion rubles, is languishing within four walls for the second week: during the investigation, the court sent the blogger under house arrest and stopped using the internet. It would seem that now is not the time to sell marathons: if you anger the detectives, then the hour is not even, you will end up behind bars. However, this did not frighten Blinovskaya: she not only launched sales, but also raised prices for her dubious rates. And most importantly, I managed to earn 5 million rubles on the news of price increases alone (?!).

So, on the day of the arrest of the information gypsy, a mysterious message “Exclusive” appeared on her social networks with a promising call to “find out everything” for 1000 rubles. The detention and arrest of Blinovskaya at that moment was the hottest topic, and subscribers reasonably assumed that their guru would share the details of the crime drama.

– Everyone who paid 1,000 rubles for exclusive information was added to a private chat in Telegram. And there were as many as 5,000 people like that, – said the author of the YouTube channel “Yutubnaya” Victoria Krasnoslobodtseva, which specializes in exposing infogypsies. – We were told that we were at the right time in the right place and promised to share information on May 3rd. And when this long-awaited day came, it turned out that the exclusive was the news about the price increase for marathons. Yes, you understood everything correctly: they collected money from people in order to announce a new price list. I take off my hat: not everyone can breed people like that, and even being under investigation!

In particular, marathon sellers informed that prices had not increased for five whole years, but the time had come to do so at midnight on May 6 and for all products at once. “You know exactly which marathon you’ve wanted to run for a long time, but kept putting it off. Until 23:59 on May 5, you can still buy a certificate for any marathon at the old price and complete it within a year,” the chat administrators wrote, vaguely mentioning, that “Lena is not in touch yet”, but all marathons are recorded with “live support of curators”.

“When buying two marathons, they gave a 15% discount, and those who buy five at once were promised a lottery ticket to Paris,” Krasnoslobodtseva added. – At the same time, when people began to reproach Blinovskaya for cheating with such an “exclusive”, they were answered: “But we did not promise any product. It was a trust button. And everyone pressed it with their own goals and expectations.” Yes, Elena knows how to surprise: probably not a single sect could have fooled her followers like that. Bravo! But a man spent the night in a temporary detention center yesterday …

Thus, on the news of price increases alone, the blogger earned 5 million rubles. Meanwhile, you can still buy any information product on its website: for example, the Pride marathon will cost 7,000 rubles, the New Dimension financial marathon – 11,800, “Date with the Body” – 5,000, “About Friendship” – 16,000. More In addition, the Blinovskaya team is looking for new personnel – they invite people to cooperate. Judging by the fact that the business is running smoothly, the marathon runner is confident that she will get away with anything. Although, according to the second article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation presented to her on money laundering, the maximum term is up to 7 years behind bars.

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