June 1, 2023

two passenger cars have been involved in the morning of this Tuesday in a accident by scope registered at kilometer 66 of the A-49, at the height of Niebla, Portugal direction. The accident has settled with two minor injuries and retentions of up to four kilometers on the aforementioned road, as reported by the Civil Guard and Emergencies 112.

Likewise, from 112 they have explained that the collision took place around 9:10 a.m. and members of the Traffic Civil Guard have moved to the scene, Firefighters of the Provincial Consortium of Huelva and 061.

On the other hand, the DGT informs on its website that the highway is supporting retentions from km 63 in Bonares to km 66.5 in Niebla, in the increasing direction of the kilometer towards Ayamonte, due to the fact that the lane has had to be closed. right as a result of Sinister.

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