May 30, 2023

The Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía has appointed this Tuesday Alberto Santana, current delegate of Employment, Business and Self-Employment of the Junta in Huelva, as president of the Port of Huelva. In this way, he replaces Pilar Miranda, who left her position after being appointed as a PP candidate for Mayor of Huelva.

As the spokesman for the Andalusian Government, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, has advanced in the round after the Governing Council, during the session on Tuesday the official appointment of Alberto Santana as president of the Huelva Port Authority was made.

Biography of Alberto Santana

Alberto Santana Martínez was born in Lepe in 1974 and is a lawyer. Graduated in Law and Diploma in Labor Relations from the University of Huelva, to date he is an Employment Delegate and Deputy Mayor for Local Development and Employment, Business and Self-Employment. Previously, he was Deputy Mayor for Local Development and Employment of the Lepe City Council. Likewise, he exercised this public responsibility in the areas of Urbanism and Sports (2011-2019) and Economy (2007-2011). He has also been the Manager of the Lepe Industrial Park.

In this way, Santana replaces Pilar Mirandawho was president of the institution from 2019 until March, since she ceased due to the fact that she is the PP candidate for the Mayor’s Office of Huelva for the local elections on May 28.

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