June 6, 2023

The audience had the opportunity to evaluate the new work of the Honored Artist of Russia Boris Galkin – the seventh part of the project “Retired” (NTV) was aired, where he again plays a combat veteran nicknamed Grandfather. The hero is preparing patriotic youth in a specialized club. In this connection, KP.RU did not miss the opportunity to discuss with the 75-year-old actor not only the education of young men, but also the project “Saboteur”, where did they draw his son Vladislavwho passed away from cardiac arrest in 2010.

– The modern generation was formed in the 90s, when discord began in the country and the system of coordinates completely changed: permissiveness and impunity began to be called the word “freedom”, work ceased to be honorable, the main principle of life was the desire to earn more money and do nothing at the same time, – Boris Sergeevich is sure. – It did not lead to good. We now see before us a frail generation on thin pencil legs. Shy boy managers with white collars. What is the defense of the Motherland, it is impossible to explain to them. But the time has come. History chose this generation.

Despite the fact that Galkin pays tribute to modern high-quality military Russian dramas (“In August 44th …”, “Brest Fortress”, etc.), he does not quite understand why the creators of the Saboteur series decided to “resurrect” his son under help of computer technology. Spectators compared this work with a tiktok mask.

“Why this is done, I don’t understand,” the artist admits. – First they called me, asked how I would react to such a decision, but I did not understand at all what was at stake. Then, when I saw it, I gasped. Wasted chores. Nothing but embarrassment and rejection caused. Unfortunately, yes.

“Retiree. Protection of Dedov”, NTV, from May 1

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