June 1, 2023
Evgeny Petrosyan

Evgeny Petrosyan

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

In early May, the 77-year-old artist seriously scared his fans: it was reported that his urgently hospitalized hospitalized for heart problems. Later, the press quoted his request not to worry – they say, it’s okay, a scheduled examination, he’ll be home soon. But those were only words, without video confirmation. Again, they are not taken away by ambulance for a scheduled examination.

Luckily in the hospital They managed to help Evgeny Vaganovich. And now he found the strength to make a video for his telegram channel. In the frame, Petrosyan appears at home, in the living room. On the table you can see a lush bouquet of lilacs, and on the wall behind the artist’s back is an icon of the Mother of God. As a modest man, Yevgeny Vaganovich did not speak directly about his health – he congratulated the Russians on the upcoming Victory Day. And at the same time, viewers can make sure that everything is in order with him.

“The Great Victory brought us life, joy,” reminded Petrosyan. – I would very much like for us to always have mutual understanding, especially in difficult times .. Life has shown that we are united in a single impulse, we want future victories and wish each other the same. I hope so. I believe it will! I know how much we love our country and really, really want everything to be good here. Happy holiday, dear Russians. With a great holiday, which settled in our hearts forever.

Despite the positive attitude, Evgeny Vaganovich doesn’t look so good in this videoWe are all used to seeing him. Contrary to his public image, he is unshaven and even speaks more slowly than usual.

As is known, Petrosyan – a core with experience. He was reported to have angina pectoris and had undergone a vascular stenting procedure a few years ago. In addition, exactly ten years ago the famous cardiac surgeon Leo Bokeria replaced the comedian with one of the heart valves.

While the artist is not up to concerts, the doctors prescribed a home regimen. Petrosyan’s rehabilitation is being monitored his wife34-year-old Tatyana Brukhunova. A charge of positive emotions with a comedian shares them with Tatiana’s son – 3 year old Vagan.


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