June 4, 2023
The fight against artificial intelligence (AI) will be led by US Vice President Kamala Harris

The fight against artificial intelligence (AI) will be led by US Vice President Kamala Harris



Promotion “Immortal Regiment”born in Russia in honor of the memory of veterans of the Great Patriotic and World War II, these days takes place in different cities and countries of the world.

– Today in Spain the action “Immortal Regiment” was held in at least two cities of Spain – Madrid and Vigo, in the province of Galicia. According to my information, more than 1000 people took part in it in Madrid. More than 70 people took part in Vigo, despite the fact that in our city there are only about 100 Russians, – said the organizer of the action, the president of the association “Slavs in Galicia” Marina Bakhtina. And in the capital of Austria, Vienna, a rally was held on the Schwarzenbergplatz square, next to the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators.

Previously, the “Immortal Regiment” was held in many cities around the world, including Rome, Beijing, Seoul, Caracas, Ulaanbaatar, Buenos Aires, the Tunisian city of Hammamet, the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, off the coast of Istanbul on the picturesque island of Heybeliada. And they will be held in other cities in many countries until May 9th.

And only in Ukraine, in Moldova and in the Baltic republics is now forbidden to celebrate the victory over fascism.


The mission of the European Union external border security agency Frontex, as reported by the Polish radio station RMF24, has suspended its patrols over the Black Sea. The reason for this was Polish interception L410 Turbolet aircraft by Russian Su-35 fighter.

The Russian Su-35 fighter approached, according to some sources, up to 5 meters away from the Polish border aircraft and greatly frightened its crew.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Defense, the maneuvers of the Russian pilots allegedly created a high level of turbulence, causing serious difficulties in controlling the aircraft and an involuntary change of flight level. What involuntary reaction followed this from the crew, knowledgeable sources do not report. After the Poles regained control of the aircraft, they hurried to retire to a safe zone and ended their patrol ahead of schedule.

No, in principle, there are no questions, but the worm of doubt still gnaws: where is Poland’s Black Sea coast, in which voivodeship?


Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Kachka, which recently expressed doubts about the competence of EU officials, issued an ultimatum to its southwestern neighbor. Chisinau the other day had the imprudence to act like some ordinary European country and announce that it would impose restrictions on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

– We informed Chisinau that any restriction on the part of Moldova will be considered an extremely unfriendly step and will entail an immediate ban on all imports from Moldova, Kachka promised. And he said that the relevant decree of the government of Ukraine has already been agreed and put into preparation.

Tol there are hopes to improve the tourism industry of Ukraine at the expense of “rich Moldovan tourists”, as previously stated in the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, finally collapsed?


This is what Vladimir Gavrilov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Nezalezhnoy, promised in an interview with a British newspaper. The Independent. At the same time, according to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a number of advantages, in particular, the equipment of Western equipment and high morale.

“We have demonstrated our courage, that we are reliable, serious and ready to defend our country by all means,” Gavrilov announced to the British and again voiced Ukraine’s call to the allies to supply modern fighters, because there is no other way to prevent modern Russian aviation from striking from deep behind.

– We need something more sophisticated than ground-based air defense, capable of delivering long-range strikes to shoot down Russian aircraft at a distance of more than 100 kilometers. That is why we are asking our partners to provide modern fighters such as the F16 or similar, and we insist that they be sent to us as soon as possible, Gavrilov said.

That’s what you want to do, but personally it seems to me that even before the start of the offensive, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Gavrilov himself is much closer to the state of panic even before the start of the offensive than Russia.


The coat of arms of the USSR on the giant monument of the Motherland in Kyiv will be replaced by the Ukrainian trident. This was announced on the air of the all-Ukrainian unified telethon by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine (sorry for this turnover) Oleksandr Tkachenko.

– Project documentation is being prepared now in order to understand how and how best to remove it, what work should be carried out there. But we plan to do it, – he confirmed and said that “the initial stage of the process has already started.”

Recall that last summer in the application “Diya” a survey was conducted regarding the coat of arms on a giant statue, which has become a world-famous symbol of the capital of Ukraine, and more than 80% of the users of the application voted for the option of replacing the coat of arms of the USSR with the Ukrainian trident. True, this is a very difficult task in terms of engineering, and a number of experts expressed concern that unskilled execution of such work could lead to the destruction of the entire statue.

And what do you want if the Ukrainians have run out of monuments to Lenin?


Edition Israel Defense wrote that the first missile detection radars produced by the Israeli company RADA Electronic Industries for the missile attack prevention system have already been brought to Ukraine. In total, Ukraine was promised a batch of 16 RADA radars. The publication emphasizes that the transfer of such radars abroad requires the permission of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The publication focuses on the fact that these radars are used by the Israeli security system to identify and classify aircraft and missiles. They must be connected to the warning system of the population in the area that is in danger.

So it’s not the first time in history that Jews help the Nazis, why be surprised. In the Third Reich there was even a special status of “valuable Jew”. We have to wait, he will appear in ukroreikh. Especially since they have a Jewish president.


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that The United States requested from Turkey access to S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems purchased from Russia.

– The US asked for access to the S-400 in order to study them. But for us it was unacceptable, it was contrary to our independent policy. We refused, – Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Habertürk TV channel and explained that from that moment Turkey began to have troubles in relations with the United States. In addition, Cavusoglu said that Turkey received offers to send the S-400 to Ukraine, but also refused to do so. After that, relations cooled even more. By the way, the transfer of the received complexes, both for study and for use in combat conditions, to a third party is clearly not allowed by the current Russian-Turkish contract, and not all countries are ready to sacrifice their reputation in the international arena for the whims of someone else’s uncle from across the ocean.


– The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the League of Arab States decided to return Syria to the organization, which was another sensitive flick on the nose of the United States, whose presidents, replacing each other, repeated like a mantra: “Assad must go.”

– The Pridnestrovian special services stopped the smuggling of a large consignment of drugs that was going from Ukraine to Moldova.

– Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports that the production of weapons in Bulgaria is experiencing a real boom: in 2022, arms factories in Bulgaria earned 3 billion euros, while the year before last – only 650 million euros. And almost all exports of weapons and ammunition go to Ukraine.

– The commander of the defense of Bakhmut, Ukrainian General Syrsky, said that the task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at this stage is to prevent the capture of Bakhmut until May 9th.

– The Administrative Court of Berlin lifted the ban on Russian flags for a rally in Berlin on May 9 near the Soviet monument in the Tiergarten.

– The White House that the fight against artificial intelligence (AI) will be led by US Vice President Kamala Harris, and now everyone is wondering if she herself will have enough of her own intelligence for this. Many doubt. Unless she “fences” him with her stupidity.

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