June 4, 2023
Roman Kostomarov.

Roman Kostomarov.

Participant of the show “Ice Age” (Channel One) Roman Kostomarov, who has been put into a medically induced coma many times operated on and lost part of the limbs, went to the social network.

The Olympic champion, who spent three months in intensive care, published a post in which he succinctly explained his current condition.

“Many difficulties are still ahead, but I hope I will cope with everything thanks to my relatives, relatives and doctors who pulled me out of the other world and work with me to this day,” wrote Roman.

Recently, the news about the health of the skater has been disappointing: medical sources reported that he would have a number of operations before prosthetics, many organs were damaged, the brain did not feed on blood, and so on.

Therefore, subscribers received the latest news from Roman himself with incredible enthusiasm: “How happy it is to see him alive”, “It seems like he’s nobody to me, but how worried I was!”, “Treat your health carefully, friends! Roman – strength! ”,“ A real man. He’ll deal with everything.”

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