May 30, 2023
According to the EU, equipment supplied from China to Russia can be used for military purposes

According to the EU, equipment supplied from China to Russia can be used for military purposes


The European Union decided not to suffer for a long time, but quickly, inevitably and without alternative, decisively kill itself. Or commit suicide. Who likes it better.

The draft of the new, 11th in a row, package of anti-Russian European sanctions came into the possession of the Financial Times newspaper. Moreover, the most interesting thing about it is that, although the sanctions are planned to be anti-Russian, they decided to extend their effect to at least 7 Chinese companies. Under the pretext that they are accused of supplying equipment to Russia. According to the publication, we are talking about Chinese companies 3HC Semiconductors, King-Pai Technology, as well as Sinno Electronics and Sigma Technology, which are based in Hong Kong. According to the EU, the equipment supplied by these companies can be used for military purposes.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has already reacted to the publication of the EU plans. At a special press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned European countries against “moving along the wrong path” and said that Brussels would impose sanctions on Chinese companies allegedly for helping Russia, then “trust between the European Union and China will be destroyed.”

“If the relevant reports are true, then the European side can seriously violate trust and cooperation with China, exacerbate the split and confrontation in the world,” the diplomat emphasized and assured the audience of Beijing’s firm intention to protect its legitimate rights and interests of Chinese business. And, in general, China will not allow the West to speculate on issues of international trade with other partners.

After that, responsible people should think about their actions, those who know – to estimate the consequences, and just thinking, at least sometimes, start scratching their heads in order to pass for smart ones. For example, remember how the PRC acted with Lithuania, in fact, “erasing” the formidable, but very small Baltic “tiger” from the Chinese “globe”. And there is no need to say here that the EU is not Lithuania for you, in the sense that the scales are different, and this is completely different.

The European Union, which is now going through far from the most simple times in the economy, now only had enough troubles with China to finally bend over and go into oblivion. As for the PRC, its economy, of course, will face difficulties, but once again it will go through them, crushing everyone in its path. The Chinese economy went through economic crises in 1997-1998 and 2007-2008. In 2008, Beijing chose the stimulation and development of the domestic market as a means of combating the international economic crisis, to which it sent resources that were not used in foreign economic relations. And in just a few years, China has flourished as if it had received a “second wind”. By the way, this emphasis on the development of the domestic economy for their country did not prevent the growth of either exports or imports during the crisis. Except that growth rates slightly decreased at a time when falls and failures were recorded around.

And in the current conditions, when the position of the United States has been shaken and an increasing number of countries are less and less guided in their actions by the desires and proddings of Washington, everything for Europe can become even more fun.

But the European half-wits (and it seems that only representatives of this social group are selected for command and leadership positions in the EU) are not up to such trifles and nuances. Some Austrian politician, head of the NGO for Austria’s accession to NATO, Günter Fehlinger, published a map of the division of China into pro-Western colonies and threatened with such an outcome if the PRC authorities did not stop cooperation with Russia.

– You want it, China? – he asked menacingly in his account in one of the social networks, presenting such a card. Earlier, he similarly “dismembered” Russia on the map into 41 post-Russian states.

The new package of sanctions will be discussed by the EU ambassadors at their meeting on May 10, and for them to come into force, all 27 representatives of member countries must approve it. But in the place of the Europeans, I would not take such risks. If Russia, after the sanctions, made such a breakthrough in various areas of economic activity, then it’s scary to imagine how much China will explode in this case, which now owns, for example, about half of the seaports in Europe. If not more. And how much else there already has Chinese owners …

You could try to kill yourself in some less exotic way …

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