June 6, 2023

ismael contreras and the puntaumbrian Paula Rodriguez have climbed to the top of the podium in the VI Half Marathon ‘City of Punta Umbriawhich has been held on a sunny Sunday morning.

The winners were accompanied at the top of the standings by José Joaquín Romero and Jesús Barroso, who reached the finish line in second and third position, respectively. In the female category, Paula Rodríguez was followed by athlete Celia Romero and Tanja Redondo, with silver and bronze.

The local men’s classification has been made up of José Luis Herrera, Óscar Sánchez and Abraham Márquez. In Punta Umbria women, Paula Rodríguez entered the finish line first followed by Natalia Gómez.

Along with this half marathon, in which the athletes completed a 21-kilometer route, the 60th anniversary Popular Race was held. In the female category, the first to complete the 3,000-meter course was Lucía Domínguez, followed by Rocío Poyatos and Gema Macías.

Ismael Contreras and Paula Rodríguez reign in the VI Punta Umbría Half Marathon

In the male category, Sergio Macías Da Cruz won in the cadet category as he was the only male participant.

The Popular Race has brought together categories from cadets to children aged 6 and 5, both male and female.

In the men’s category, Leo Domínguez won, followed by Manuel Ruiz and in third place Álvaro Álvarez. In female, Noa Domínguez in first place and Julia de las Heras in second place.

In the male category, Minibenjamín won Alberto Macías, followed by Juan Domínguez and Rafael Álvarez. And in female Estrella Pichardo and Laura López in second place.

Regarding the male category, Benjamin Denis Estefan in first place, followed by Raul Ruiz and in third place Ismael Amed and Daniel Gancedo. And in female, in first place Mencía Rollan, and second Rocío Robles.

In the male Alevín category, Javier Huertas won, Mario Selfa in second place and Eduardo Bote in third place. In female A, Claudia Ruiz was in first place followed by Cinta Pichardo and in female category B Julia Contreras in first place and María Gómez in second.

In the Men’s Children’s category, Oliver López won and Andrei Estefan second. In female Silvia Lepe, Luna Ramadan in second place and Claudia Lorca in third place.

And in the female Cadet in first place Anabel Gómez Rodríguez and in second place Rosa Beltrán Ruiz.

On the other hand, as provided in the bases, the athletes of the Half Marathon completed a route of 21,100 meters, with three laps around a circuit starting and finishing at the Antonio Gil Hernández Sports Center. The race has been held from senior to master G.

The VIII ‘Punta Umbría City’ Half Marathon and the ’60th Anniversary’ Popular Race are organized by the Punta Umbria Town Hallwith the collaboration of Club Atlético Punta Umbría, Diputación de Huelva, Junta de Andalucía, Puntiti Sport, Chiguagua, Ida y Vuelta and Hostal Manuela.

In addition, the race is included in the 2023 Gran Fondo Provincial Circuit of the Diputación de Huelva.

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