June 2, 2023
Grigory Leps visiting Pavel Volya on his personal TV show on TNT.

Grigory Leps visiting Pavel Volya on his personal TV show on TNT.

Pavel Volya continues to promote a solo evening show on TNT. In the last issue, a rare bird came to the comedian as a star guest – Grigory Leps. It is not so often to see an artist in a project to which he has nothing to do (as in the “Voice”, for example, where he was a mentor), but for Pavel the musician made an exception.

Refreshed in express interview after plastic surgery Leps gave the public several reasons for discussion. In particular, he spoke quite frankly about his father’s skills and his grandson Kostya.

“Maybe it’s not very good, but I’ll be honest: I was a bad father,” Grigory surprised everyone, recalling his daughter Inga, who gave birth to his grandson. “And I probably won’t be a very good grandfather.” Why? Because still acting guy [артист] in terms of music. And I didn’t see how the children grew up. This was done by the wife. I left in September and returned in December. Then he left in December – returned on Wednesday. And the grandson grows beautiful, yells sometimes. But he’s behaving well. He is already six months old. Recently baptized, which is important in our time!

The singer also explained How does he manage to do everything at 60? and almost never get tired.

“Still, I went in for sports as a child,” the artist recalled. – And now too. But not in such volumes as before. And yet physical education is present 3-4 times a week: a swimming pool, a gym, it’s all there.


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