June 1, 2023

The president of the PP of Andalusia and of the Junta, Juanma Morenohas cried out this Sunday against those who call him a “dangerous Andalusian” for demanding the same services, resources and financing for Andalusia as other territories, warning the Government of Pedro Sánchez that “one thing is clear to me, I will not allow them to stain and trample on the good name of this landor that they lie permanently with the things that we are doing with Huelva and Andalusia”.

“And I’m not going to allow them not to bring us enough resources and the water we need, I’m going to defend Huelva and Andalusia, whatever it costs me, criticize what they criticize me or threaten what they threaten me”.

In an act in Huelva to present the 80 PP candidacies in the province, the popular leader has highlighted that “Andalusia is now respected because we are a serious, hard-working, responsible, managerial community, which has consolidated itself as the country’s third economy.” “We have ambition and potential to be there, to live like the most prosperous regions and transfer wealth to the whole of Spain”, he pointed out, later lamenting that for this “we also need the Government of Spain to respect us”.

On this point, Moreno has warned the central government and the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, not to confuse moderation and education in their claims, “out of respect and institutional loyalty”, with a lack of determination. And he has assured that, despite the insults and threats of these last two months, “when they attack this land they will always find me in front of them.”

Moreno was referring to the criticisms received by the proposed law for the planning of the territory in the County of Huelva. “What have I done wrong?” was asked, to remember that it was a proposal included in the electoral program “to provide a solution to a problem that I did not create, that the previous administration has inherited from me, and that the citizens have approved” with their vote in the autonomous past.

“But from the central government they tell me that I am arrogant for wanting to sit down with them to discuss what their solution to the problem is,” he criticized, to then reproach that problems are not solved “by crossing their arms” and “letting them rot”, but “looking for solutions, which is what we have done”. “If someone has a better solution, we are open to listen to it, to raise it and discuss it, but unfortunately there is not, they only propose that Huelva cannot have as much agricultural capacity”, he lamented.

For Moreno, the only proposal launched by the PSOE is “to condemn to unemployment and marginalization the more than 100,000 people who work in the most thriving sector of the province, where enormous efforts have been made to be efficient and where farmers and ranchers give the face for the environment”. For this reason, the leader of the PP has assured that “Huelva has to prosper, grow, develop, look to the future and move forward, and we are not going to
to allow them to put sticks in the wheels”.

“If you cannot transfer water, neither desalination plants nor reservoirs, what do you want us to do so that Andalusia continues to prosper? What do we wait for it to rain? And if it doesn’t rain, what do we do? ”, She inquired.

In this sense, he has considered that on May 28 the Andalusians are not only playing to choose the manager who has to make their daily lives easier, but also the future of this land. The decisions made for Huelva’s industrial, agri-food and tourism future will depend on the results of these elections, but also “the model we want for the economy of social progress”. “A model of balance and protection of the environment can prosper along with economic development or a radical model that strangles the possibilities of progress”, he has stated.

Thus, he has pointed out the convenience that from June, the council and the Junta de Andalucía are aligned and in complicity and harmony to “be able to do things together”. “It is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to put this land on the path of the future if we all work in the same direction.”

“A destination for investors”

Moreno has appealed for this transformation and improvement to also reach Huelva by the hand of Pilar Miranda, whom he has praised for her work at the helm of the Port. “If she has been capable of so much with all the difficulties she has encountered, what will she not be able to do in the city”, she has reasoned.

The candidate for mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandahas pointed out the importance of turning Huelva into a priority destination for investors, “because investment coming to Huelva means generating more employment, and for this reason we will always be on the side of those who want to come and invest in Huelva, promoting policies to generate opportunities and that citizens can carry out their profession in Huelva, without having to leave their land”.

Opportunities such as Green Hydrogen, the candidate continued, “because Huelva has a unique opportunity that other cities do not have to host key projects in energy transformation, but for them to be developed successfully they need the support and involvement of the City Council” .

Finally, Miranda wanted to focus on the historic moment that Huelva can experience in 2023, “since for the first time we can be lucky enough to have three united governments, all rowing in the same direction.” To achieve this, the popular assures that she hopes to have the support of the citizens to be mayor on May 28, “so that together with Alberto Núñez Feijóo as president of the Government, and with a friendly government of Huelva in the Junta de Andalucía, led by Juanma Moreno, to put our city in the place it deserves”.

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