May 30, 2023
Ukrainian terrorists went very heaped

Ukrainian terrorists went very heaped


Kyiv’s recent attempted drone strike on the Kremlin caused, among other things, frank bewilderment among many experts. Everyone understands that the real damage, even if the Ukrainian saboteurs were successful, would tend to zero for Russia. It is clear that the action carried a deeply symbolic meaning – to show the capabilities of the Zelensky regime, its “invincibility” (invincibility), readiness to fight, etc. But after all, there was and was solved by this blow another task, much more important. And not even alone. Of course, in the event that Moscow fell for this bait. And the main of these tasks was to provoke the Kremlin to an inadequate or even adequate, but maximum tough response.


It is not in vain that the liberal garbage dumps of Russian origin and the Western media immediately began to shout that Moscow is preparing to use nuclear weapons. Like, the last “red line” was crossed by Zelensky’s regime, “it’s time to hit it right.” And Russia, in response, stated that it understands the seriousness of the current situation, but it will decide on its own without any assistants and “advisers” what to do and what it will answer “where and when it sees fit.” I would also add that “and as it sees fit.”

At the same time, Ukrainian terrorists went very heaped. In the Tula region, agents recruited by Ukrainian intelligence were tied up, who were supposed to form a DRG and carry out a series of sabotage, in Ivanovskaya they repelled a drone attack on a military airfield, in Nizhny Novgorod region they quickly found the perpetrators of a terrorist attack against Zakhar Prilepin, in Crimea they arrested saboteurs who planned terrorist attacks against a number of representatives authorities, the FSB prevented a terrorist attack at the ZNPP by detaining a GUR agent, they tried to attack Crimea with more than twenty drones. And so on. And it was not time that accelerated the course, but the enemies went a bit too much.


It is noteworthy in this regard that Zelensky himself spent most of this time abroad, making a number of visits that were not announced in advance, but extremely urgent in the spirit of Zhvanetsky once said: “I need to go to Paris, on business, urgently!” Zelensky needs a powerful Russian strike on Ukraine. It is desirable that the earth tremble and the sky split. Just like that, and the top achievements here will be mass casualties among the population and large-scale destruction of cities, so that you can throw yourself at the feet of NATO and individual Western countries with shouts: “Save me, good people, Ryatite! Evil Russia is harassing little ones, threatening to destroy them! Come on, money, F-16, F-35 and everything else, come on too! And the ultimate dream of Zelensky, no matter how cynical it may sound at first glance, is a “small” nuclear strike on Ukraine, which, in his opinion, will force NATO to directly intervene in the conflict on the side of Kiev, but even if this does not happen, it will deprive Moscow of the support of friendly countries and will cause widespread international condemnation of Russia by now neutral states.


At first glance, it seems paradoxical, but the West needs about the same thing. Russia’s surgically precise strikes on military and infrastructure facilities do not fit into the picture of “barbarism” of Russia, which “is fighting civilized countries.” Massive civilian casualties and large-scale destruction of cities will support this never-to-be-formed puzzle and serve as a justification for supporting the Nazi regime in Kyiv in the eyes of the electorate in their own countries. And then, after all, every day there are more and more questions why the West, to the detriment of itself and its own population, is pumping up Nezalezhnaya with money and weapons, and there is more and more dissatisfaction of this population with the sacrifices that are brought to the altar of Ukrainian Nezalezhnosti. It has come to the point that even in the USA (!) already a minority of those who are aware of the existence of Ukraine begin to believe that Kiev has at least some chance of defeating Russia. Joseph Biden, who has staked his future on Ukraine, urgently needs to report something to voters on the Ukrainian issue, otherwise his already small chances for a second presidential term are rapidly disappearing like morning fog. Even the American wallet turned out to be not bottomless, especially given that in Kyiv they stole from it mercilessly.

And there is nothing to say about Europe. Here, the majority of the population is already beginning to believe that Ukraine is receiving too much assistance, and it is time to slowly stop this business. The West won’t mind too much if Russia strikes Ukraine with a tactical nuclear weapon. Even one is enough. Moreover, in Ukraine, and not in Europe.


A separate issue and accompanying task is a terror attack on the psyche of Russian citizens. Especially on the eve of our greatest holiday – Victory Day. The most hated day of the year for today’s Ukraine. The last of the Hitlerite Nazis are now struggling with the memory of the exploits of the Soviet people in that war with particular frenzy.

And disrupting the celebration of the Victory, causing a split and panic in Russian society is especially valuable for Kyiv these days. “Russia will be in a panic,” Vladimir Gavrilov, deputy defense minister of Nezalezhnoy, promised not in vain the other day in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent.

But here, too, Ukraine will not succeed. As in the case of an attempt to attack the Kremlin with drones. Our country has demonstrated more than once that in moments of crisis and trials in its history, it knows how to unite, as rarely anyone else in the world. Especially in the face of external threats. On May 9, parades in honor of Victory Day and mass celebrations will be held on Red Square in Moscow and on the central squares and avenues of major Russian cities. And on the line of hostilities, the holiday will be marked by new victories for our fighters. Moreover, without any mass casualties and destruction of neighborhoods with ordinary civilians in Ukrainian cities. And this will cause a new surge of furious anger from Zelensky and his minions and allies.

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