June 6, 2023
Victor Boot.

Victor Boot.

Photo: Oksana ZUYKO

… – Viktor Anatolyevich, we talked a month ago, I called you from Salekhard, I was there on a business trip. And you told me that Mr. Trump was sent a telegram with an invitation to visit Russia. Come visit us. Is there an answer already?

– It was not an invitation to visit, but simply … The meaning of the telegram was that I believe that Trump’s life was in danger. The only place where he can be safe is Russia.

So far, no answer. Here, we are closely following what is happening in the United States.

Especially, of course, behind those scandals that do not subside there.

– Former CIA analyst Fleitz said: “The US is accused of attacking the Kremlin because of the bad leadership of Joe Biden.” Well, what’s the point?

– It’s understandable…

– I also quote: “The whole world is sure that the United States is behind the drone attack on the Kremlin.” And – further: “I gave an interview to one of the Middle Eastern television companies. They did a survey. More than 80% of viewers believed that Washington was behind this (behind the attempted attack).

– Well, I think, Alexander, that there are two points. Well, firstly, the opposition party is very popular in America, the one that is not in power, the one that does not have the White House under control.

And such is the tradition – to accuse the other party … of sins.

Therefore, I am not surprised that all these accusations are pouring in.

And, at the same time, the Democratic Party is trying in every possible way to demonize both Trump supporters and the Republican Party.

As for the attempted drone attack on the Kremlin. Except, of course, the informational occasion to talk about it … In general, the main thing was, apparently, the psychological impact.

I think that our leadership – both the Ministry of Defense and the country – will take the necessary measures to ensure that this act does not go unpunished. This is the first.

Well, and secondly, of course, it is unlikely that the Ukrainian armed forces, or whoever is behind this, could have done this without help.

– No help, sorry, Washington, you mean?

– Well, without external help… Either it’s Washington, or it’s others there, but let’s put it this way, without the help of the collective West.

Either it’s the CIA, or it’s MI6, it’s like history will tell us about it in detail later, when we achieve victory and all our goals in the NWO.

– Understood.

– In general, you should always keep in mind that this rhetoric in the United States – it did not just somehow come from nowhere, but also loud statements, they are constantly heard there.

But scandals on the American political scene are just “normal” for them there.

– And now, one of the most powerful scandals that is developing these days is the criminal case against Biden and his family, who are being sewn up with a case related specifically to corruption. Could this lead to impeachment?

– Well, firstly, as far as I know, one of the criminal cases has been dragging on for a long time, starting with a story related to that computer that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, forgot to repair. And he didn’t take it for a long time, even the special services issued a statement that this was supposedly a “special action of Russian intelligence” aimed at “discrediting Biden.”

And, of course, well, the people of the United States were in such a, you know, shock for a very long time about what was in this computer.

In addition, there was also such a “plot” when Biden and his son “figured” in various business projects, and their partner was a certain native of Odessa.

And more than once on American TV channels and radio stations there were various kinds of revealing information that Joe Biden, in fact, used his position so that his brother, Hunter Biden’s uncle and Hunter Biden himself, could shake off benefits, thanks to the position of his father or brother.

Often mentioned in the American media and “the fact of receiving money from Baturina” – from the widow of the mayor Luzhkov, from some Kazakh oligarchs.

Well, and, of course, the one that has already set everyone on edge is the scandal with Burisma, a Ukrainian company in which Hunter Biden was a director. Although he had no experience in the oil and gas sector. Not at least knowledge, for example, of some Slavic language. However, he was making pretty good money.

And, in general, plus to this the most, of course, serious, because of which, apparently, they can accuse, start the impeachment procedure, are ties with the Chinese. Because during one visit, when Joe Biden was still vice president, all of a sudden, the firm headed by Hunter Biden received several billions, I repeat, billions of dollars in management for investment purposes. Here.

Well, plus all the rest of the claims ..

I’m not talking about, in general, such a strange personal life of Hunter Biden, about which there was a lot of information on that very computer …

But, in general, Biden, at that age, is hardly in control of anything.

He is a very convenient figure for the deep state to do what they, his bosses, want, and then they will put all the blame on Biden.

Well, what will be the demand from an 80-year-old person, even if something went very badly?

He will apparently refer to his health and the fact that he misunderstood something or was very tired.

Of course, this is very dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that when the leadership is not clear who, but some kind of puppet, which is controlled from behind the scenes, it is very difficult to conduct any dialogue and solve problems, in general, of a strategic nature.


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