June 2, 2023
The disgusting lust of lovers of children's bodies found unexpected support from the United Nations

The disgusting lust of lovers of children’s bodies found unexpected support from the United Nations

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The incident that happened the other day in the US state of Minnesota would have caused a heated discussion in society a few years ago. Now, however, it was only briefly mentioned in the reports of news agencies as a banal event among dozens of similar ones. Nothing at all: state legislator Lee Fincke proposed a bill that allows legally classifying pedophiles as gay people and thus exempting them from prosecution.

By the way, the legislator himself is transgender and, apparently, is happy to expand the already countless ranks of LGBT+ adherents in America by child molesters.

However, the world has become accustomed to the paranoia that is going on in the States about the exaltation of perverts of all stripes. But there was hope that international legal structures, medical organizations, and finally, numerous child protection funds would not allow this infection to spread throughout the planet.

Alas, that hope has now vanished.


The disgusting lust of lovers of children’s bodies has found unexpected support from the (don’t fall!) United Nations.

In the confused UN system, there is a structure called UNAIDS. Basically, it is called upon to coordinate the efforts of state institutions and civil societies of different countries in the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Its co-founders include more than a dozen authoritative organizations, including the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

And from the depths of UNAIDS came out a report called “Principles on March 8” (it was timed to coincide with International Women’s Day). At first, they didn’t pay much attention to him – you never know how many papers are being prepared at the UN. But then the experts read it and were stunned – well, the “mimosa” was presented by UN officials by March 8! The report explicitly calls for the decriminalization of offenses related to “sex, drug use, HIV, sexual and reproductive health.”


American and other pedophiles have probably already copied the 22nd page of the report, framed it and hung it in prominent places. Because it says in black and white:

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the national minimum age of consent for sex may be consensual, if not in law then in fact.”

That is, even if it is impossible, but an adult uncle or aunt managed to persuade a teenager, or even a young child, to have sex, then this should be considered quite normal.

Moreover, a special cynicism lies in the fact that such an order is explained by concern for those who have not yet turned 18. They say that this will help “reflect their rights and ability to make decisions about entering into sexual relations by mutual consent.”

Interestingly, are the authors of the report confident that children and adolescents can meaningfully consent to sex? After all, a youngster can be persuaded “for a chocolate bar”, and those who are older can be seduced by buying them some necessary thing or simply giving money.


Who pushed through the emergence of such a scandalous UN document? They worked on it for several years, many experts were involved. Very well paid experts.

According to some reports, this was not without the participation of the influential non-profit organization International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which operates in 146 countries. Its main sponsor is American billionaire Bill Gates, who donated about $100 million to the IPPF. It is he who is considered one of the inspirers of the idea of ​​​​reducing the world’s population, including through the introduction of non-traditional sex relations into the masses.

The IPPF teaches children to believe that they are “sexual from the moment they are born” and claims that from the age of 10 they can be “talked about commercial sex, which is just a form of intimate communication.” “Commercial sex” is bashfully called prostitution, in this case – teenage.

No clear comments have yet been received from the UN. What is it – a deflection under the pressure of the globalist lobby, a tribute to the current Western fashion blow dust off sexual minorities Or, what is most dangerous of all, a deliberately taken course to rewire human consciousness? In any case, the pedophiles have got a good trump card from the hand of the most important international organization, which they will not fail to use.


Michael Snyder, American conservative politician and blogger: These people are sick

– A shocking UN document reveals a monstrous sexual program that the globalists are planning to impose on the whole world. Which will inevitably have very serious consequences. These people are sick, but they strive for their perverted consciousness to embrace millions of other people, and then it will no longer be perceived as a disease.

Normal society seeks to protect children, but America has an insatiable appetite for child abuse. This must stop. If we continue on this path, the US has no future. Because, throughout history, every society that has pursued extremely promiscuous sexual behavior has eventually declined.

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