May 30, 2023

He Huelva City Hall The selection process has begun to cover 13 firefighter-driver seats in it Municipal Fire Extinguishing Servicean opposition in free turn that has started with the completion of the first test exercise of specific questions.

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, has assessed that this is the second call made by the Consistory in the last three years to reinforce the staff of the Fire Extinguishing Service, which was increased last year with 11 troops and that will do again with the incorporation of 13 more once this selection process is over. “The objective is to continue staffing a fundamental service in the city to guarantee the safety of all Huelva residents, as well as improve the working conditions of these troops.”

The opposition has begun with a test of questions to the applicants about the Huelva street map, legislation and matters related to the performance of their work. This test is mandatory and eliminatory and those who pass it will have to face the second exercise of a physical nature, which includes a speed race, resistance race, upper body power, rope climb, stair climb, swimming over 100 meters and rescue water.

The following exercises will be a psychotechnical test to assess the profile of the candidates and the resolution of a case of a practical nature.

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