June 1, 2023
Kebab can contribute to aging, but you can reduce the negative impact.

Kebab can contribute to aging, but you can reduce the negative impact.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Of course, we will not dissuade you from eating barbecue (we have already marinated ourselves!). That’s why spring is to meet friends and family and fry delicious meat.

But to warn that this is still not the healthiest food, we are obliged.

As our constant says expert, endocrinologist, PhD, Zukhra Pavlova in his tg-channel“one of the main factors of aging is the accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs)”:

– The accumulation of AGEs is a product of the Maillard reaction: a chemical reaction between carbohydrates and amino acids found in protein. They are also called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and are found in all meat products. On the grill, the Maillard reaction occurs much faster and more intensely than with other heat treatment of protein (boiling or steaming). The end product of glycation is a crispy crust, which is why this reaction is called “delicious”. Our body has a natural defense against AGEs. On average, a person can painlessly process about 15 thousand units of CNG. Anything above this spoils our health, accelerates aging.

But you can still “improve” fried meat, make it, of course, not rejuvenating, but at least not so harmful.

Here are some tips from Dr. Pavlova:

1. Marinate in lemon or orange juice.

There are scientific testimonies that AGE production is greatly reduced if the meat is aged in lemon or any other citrus juice before cooking. Moreover, the effect begins after 10 minutes of pickling.

And in general, any marinade (except, perhaps, oil) greatly reduces the level of AGEs.

2. Use the right seasonings for the marinade.

There are spices that have been proven to reduce the harm from AGEs:

+ sage,

+ marjoram,

+ tarragon,

+ rosemary,

+ carnation,

+ allspice,

+ cinnamon,

+ turmeric.

Yes, not all of them are suitable for barbecue, but some can and should be used.

3. Eat the right vegetables.

Vegetables by themselves, especially raw, greatly reduce the harm of fried meat. For lovers of a very healthy lifestyle, boiled broccoli is better. It contains the powerful cancer-protective substance sulforaphane, which also helps fight AGEs.

4. Cut off everything that is burnt and very fried.

It is in the heavily charred pieces that the most AGEs are contained.

5. Do not fry over high heat.

The processing method, temperature and heating time during the preparation of kebabs affect the formation of AGEs.

– For understanding, fried bacon, beloved by Americans, is simply stuffed with CNG: in 15 grams there are more than 90 thousand CNG, these are 6 daily norms! – says Zukhra Pavlova. – And if you just cook it in the microwave, then the amount of CNG will decrease by exactly 10 times! There is also a lot of CNG in a boiled sausage, more than 7 thousand. But in fried – already more than 11 thousand.

It is believed that when pork is fried at very high heat (200-300 degrees), the amount of AGEs increases by almost five times.

We conclude: you need to fry as little as possible and try not to overcook. Better yet, avoid this method altogether.

6. Roast with vegetables.

In terms of AGE content, bacon is in first place, followed by pork skewers, beef and chicken, respectively (more in the thighs, less in the breast). But if you cut any meat into smaller pieces, mix it with vegetables and fry in a wok, then it will be much more useful: the frying time will decrease and, therefore, there will be less CNG. Eggplants, peppers, leeks, mushrooms, etc. will do.

But there are other foods with a lot of protein and little AGEs:

– shrimp (the safest, because they do not burn because of the shell);

– offal (liver, heart, etc.)

– cheese,

– Soy meat.

That is, instead of meat, it is better to eat offal and shrimp. “But provided that you do not have elevated levels of uric acid,” warns Dr. Pavlova. “In this case, by-products will have to be abandoned.”

7. Pre-boil or microwave.

This advice may seem strange, but if you cook the meat lightly (boil or microwave until half cooked), this will also reduce the formation of AGEs: there will be less contact with open flames.

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