June 6, 2023
Johnny has been on the stage for 4 years, and Kirkorov for over 35 years.  Johnny is the leader on all online platforms, and Kirkorov has a full house in the halls

Johnny has been on the stage for 4 years, and Kirkorov for over 35 years. Johnny is the leader on all online platforms, and Kirkorov has a full house in the halls

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Over the past year, the leaders of the charts have changed on our stage. And the masters of the stage have updated their repertoire and concert programs. Popular pop singers are not always strong vocalists, which does not prevent them from becoming idols of millions. Fans are arguing online over the vocal abilities of the artists. And we figured out the topic with the help of a professional – so which of the suffering stars can sing? Part one – analysis of female vocals came out. Now part two is a professional analysis of male vocals.

Expert Julia Taravkova (vocal teacher, songwriter and sound producer) for KP.RU makes an analysis of the vocal data and capabilities of not only popular, but also the most discussed pop stars of 2023. We discuss – vocal possibilities and their implementation.

Vocal teacher Yulia Taravkova spoke about the vocal data of the most popular and discussed singers of 2023

Vocal teacher Yulia Taravkova spoke about the vocal data of the most popular and discussed singers of 2023

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Jony (Johnny)

Over the past year, Jony has received many music awards, turned out to be a leader in all music venues. In April 2023, he immediately took two nominations for the Heat awards: Best Singer and VK Music Choice as the most streamed artist. Jony attracted a wide audience by participating in and winning the TV show “Mask” two years ago – people began to listen to his music, and the artist quickly became the leader of the charts. Now the musician is on a tour of the cities of Russia, his concerts are scheduled for 2 years in advance. The author and performer of the hits “Comet”, “Credits”, “I’m not me without you”, “Boss”, “You are merciless”, “Madam”, “Fireplace”, “Lilies”, “No way” has already released three albums.

Expert Yulia Taravkova: “Against the background of a general lack of melody and high-quality poetry-songs, Jony is like a breath of oxygen on the stage. I note: a symbiosis of trendy sound, bright powerful vocals and soulful lyrics. The 26-year-old artist appeared in our show business only 4 years ago, but has already won hearts with his Comet. What is the secret of such success? This artist is absolutely talented. Already from childhood, the boy was very different in vocals in the choir from the majority; he was noticed and celebrated by teachers, there were many competitions, covers. The guy sought to develop: he composed songs, created a music label with friends. Jony’s voice is very flexible, but at the same time quite extreme when needed. He has: beautiful melismatics (there are four or more melody sounds per syllable of the text – approx. Auth.), Pure intonation, wide range, powerful top notes, beautiful chest overtone, subtone. A singer with an emotionally charged vocal who honestly lives his emotions on stage.

Sergei Zhukov (“Hands Up!”)

The only artist in the country who travels with stadium tours, gathers the largest halls in the regions and the capital – and so every year. Of course, Sergey Zhukov releases new hits, but people go to his concerts to feel nostalgia for the songs of their youth.

Expert: “Love for the work of Sergei Zhukov can be compared with love for Tender May. Simple, trite: two slams, three stomps. Primitive harmony and texts from which the impression is as if you have been listening to the same song for years. And the themes of the songs remained somewhere in the teenage period. Sergey’s timbre is like that of most people in karaoke. There is no vocal technique – he just hits the notes. But it does, and it doesn’t work for everyone. It is difficult to talk about this artist as a vocalist – for me, this is a disco performer speaking from notes. I understand the love of the public – sometimes you just want to dance. Foot music and a good perennial beat.”


Over the past year, SHAMAN (Yaroslav Dronov) has become a big star. Each of his songs turned out to be in trends on online platforms. The singer gathers large halls throughout the country. For those who could not attend the artist’s concert – on May 8 at 22.20 NTV will show a television version of his 100th concert, which took place on the stage of the Crocus City Hall.

SHAMAN Records Songs and Every Song Gets Popular

SHAMAN Records Songs and Every Song Gets Popular

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Expert: “Singer with a good education and high technical performance, music in the genre of pop-rock and with distinctive elements of folk vocals. Yaroslav Dronov went his way to fame: numerous competitions (“Factor A”, “Voice”), covers in social networks … Patriotic songs, songs about love for the Motherland brought him true glory. A great response in the hearts of people was found by the work of a young singer who glorifies his homeland not for the sake of his glory, but because he loves his homeland. The presentation of the word, rhythm and articulation are excellent. The range is quite high voice. Elements of folk vocals are actively used, but with all the rocker appearance, there is little extreme in the vocals. Rock vocals assume a dense diaphragm support, and the musician has all the sonority and voice chip – in flight tops. The vocals have a lot of high frequencies.”

Vladimir Presnyakov

Over the past year, 55-year-old Vladimir Presnyakov experienced a new round of popularity. And this is due not only to his participation in the TV show “Voice” as a mentor. Interest in his old and new songs, analog concerts, public respect for the patriotic position.

Expert: “People are so tired of non-musical rap, uniformity, clones and vulgarity, that now there is a trend for the work of artists, where there is harmony and melody. Therefore, Presnyakov is now experiencing a new wave of popularity and demand. Firstly, this is the most recognizable timbre singer. No one can copy it, because only Presnyakov can sing like that. The tenor is an altino, but he sang his brightest hits practically in a high female tissetura. For example, to perform the song “Zurbagan” they were looking for a singer, but they found Volodya Presnyakov. “Islands”, “Touchless”, “Castle from the Rain” – these are very high songs and only Presnyakov could perform them like that. Due to the fact that his voice broke down, he began to sound very high mixed, but in his case it is so unusual that it just became a bright hallmark of Presnyakov. Very talented, charismatic, bright, extraordinary, musical. A true melodist, romantic and singer of the beautiful.”

Vanya Dmitrienko

17-year-old author and performer Vanya Dmitrienko is the idol of youth, figure skater Kamila Valieva and many adults. Dmitrienko writes songs to Leps, recorded a duet with him. Now the artist is filming in one of the main roles of the series “Cry-Baby” (an analogue of “Ranetok” – a movie about a musical group).

Youth idol Vanya Dmitrienko writes songs and Leps

Youth idol Vanya Dmitrienko writes songs and Leps

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Expert: “An example of a young artist who applied for the Voice show three times, but was never accepted. But today it is a popular, almost accomplished artist with the “Golden Gramophone” (became the youngest winner of the award in history, for the song for the song “Venus-Jupiter”). Conclusion: if you want to become an artist, write your own songs. It is unlikely that this singer would have won the “Voice”, because he is not a super vocalist. But where are these super vocalists of The Voice? And Dmitrienko collects halls. Vanya’s performance style is almost the same as the majority of modern performers: vocals, timbre, presentation are the same as those of most modern youth. But there is a difference – it is in the songs. It was the songs, not the vocals, that made Vanya famous. Since this is still a production project, the success is a great merit of the team’s work.

Philip Kirkorov

That rare case when an artist is both the most discussed and at the same time a talented vocalist. Kirkorov has been on the stage for 35 years and still has full houses at his concerts.

Expert: “To be in trend for so many generations is a talent. My grandmother listened to Kirkorov, and today he is just as relevant and in demand. Feeling the time is also a talent. How many amazing singers have sunk into oblivion precisely because they did not feel the time and continued to sing what no one was interested in. Kirkorov is a really strong and powerful artist who does shows and works honestly. He dances, sings, he has endlessly new images and costumes … This is a singer who gives a holiday and mood to the audience, a real hard worker and showman. At the beginning of his career, the songs were more melodic and complex both in terms of range and vocal technique, I think that his working range is about 2.5 octaves. Collaborations with bloggers and hype songs (“Mood color is blue”) and immediately classical opera arias speak of the artist’s versatility. People know Kirkorov’s songs by heart – this is an indicator of popularity.

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