May 30, 2023
Executive Director of the Polish state oil company Orlen Daniel Obaitek

Executive Director of the Polish state oil company Orlen Daniel Obaitek


Incredibly cool Poles punish Russia every day, not sparing their belly and their own wallets. The executive director of the Polish state oil company Orlen, Daniel Obaitek, said in an interview with the Financial Times that the refusal of Russian oil costs the company, and therefore Poland (do not forget, the state-owned company) $ 27 million daily.

The calculation is based on the difference between cheaper Russian oil and more expensive other grades, as well as more expensive Russian oil purchased through intermediaries. For example, through the same India, which has become a supplier of oil to half of the countries of Europe. This difference is about $30 per barrel, but this does not bother the Poles. However, the final result is not embarrassing – in a year the company and the Polish state lose almost 10 billion dollars on such trade. But the Poles are rich, for them this is a trifle, and how can there be any commercial gain in international trade if there is a question of punishing Russia. True, Russia practically does not notice this punishment, because it still receives its money for its oil, albeit from other buyers.

“This is the market price that every company that does not import oil from Russia has to pay,” Obaitek explained to reporters. – I would not regard this as a loss, this is a question of supporting Russia.

No Russian support! Polska has not yet perished, as they say in their national anthem. Yes, yes, we remember, but Ukraine has not died yet. Their hymns are somehow suspiciously similar, not only in words, but also in music, only the Poles sound more cheerful and major, and the result seems to be similar. Yes, and Poles with Ukrainians, although they hate each other, but still, whatever one may say, they are identical twins. One for two, probably. The Ukrainians also punished Russia, but, in fact, they destroyed their country, moreover, even before the NWO. The main thing is that the Muscovite gets sick, and that they themselves will die is not so important. For the uncles from Washington and London.

However, there are some tricks here too. The same company Orlen does not want to give up Russian oil coming through the Druzhba pipeline until the very end. That is, in the matter of “punishing Russia” there are still some limits beyond which the Poles, despite honor and ambition, try not to go, but want to “suffer” more.

And what do you want, if oil is constantly supplied through Druzhba, in a certain mode, cheaper than purchases on the market, and even the EU has not taken sanctions against it.

“The complete replacement of Russian oil requires improving the logistics of oil supplies, which we are working on with the Czech government,” the head of the Orlen company flirted in this matter.

The struggle of the good with the best – we took the course of Soviet literature. The main production conflict. Logistics will be improved, so directly and immediately. In the meantime, Orlen will sue Transneft due to the termination of pumping through Druzhba after the Polish side refused to make an additional payment.

Well, this is a standard move by the “partners”. First: “Hey, Russians, what kind of money are you?” And then: “Hey, Russians, are you offended? We are already suffering here for 10 billion dollars a year because of you.”

They could, of course, not suffer, and send the money saved to their social programs or additional payments to the population, socially vulnerable groups. But honestly, don’t be like children. Then it wouldn’t be Poles.

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