May 30, 2023

The mayoress and socialist candidate for mayor of Valverde del Camino, Syra Senrahas presented in a public act the team that accompanies her for the next municipal elections on May 28 and with which she chooses to revalidate and increase that confidence that Valverdeans gave her in the past elections.

Syra Senra has counted in this act with the presence of the Secretary of Federal Policy of the PSOE and spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, patxi lopez, who has highlighted the value of people like Syra, “who belongs to that group of women who stand out, who shine, strong women for large towns and large municipalities” such as Valverde del Camino. Patxi López said that being a socialist is “a way of being, which has to do with suffering when others suffer, worrying about the deficiencies that people have and that socialism was a guarantee, a security for the humblest, for those who they have less”.

For this reason, the socialist leader said he was convinced that Valverde del Camino “is a prosperous town and is known worldwide for its footwear and furniture industry. I have no doubt that this business success comes from the intelligence of its people and that ability to know what matters in order to grow is what will make Valverdeans opt for Syra Senra, because an intelligent people knows that she is a guarantee for their well-being and prosperity; and that he will rule for all people equally leaving no one behind.”

The candidate for re-election, who was also accompanied by the national deputy and Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Andalusian PSOE Executive, stressed in her speech that “it is our moment, it is Valverde del Camino’s moment; It is time to continue dreaming of a future full of optimism, of continuing to grow, of occupying the space that this town deserves to lead. It is the moment of illusion and to face with joy the challenges that lie ahead; It is the moment of the residents of Valverde”.

Excited and “with more strength than ever”, Syra Senra has emphasized that her commitment is always Valverde, “to work day by day for my people, see how it progresses, how things can be achieved, how a better Valverde is possible in every way and in all areas. That fills me with enormous energy and desire, a great desire to continue ”.

To do this, he has surrounded himself with a team of people who make up his candidacy, of whom he has said that “if I have to highlight something about them, it is that they are full of good sense, honesty, dialogue, talent and commitment”.

Likewise, she has extolled that it is a candidacy “of good people, of very good people, in which I am convinced that our neighbors are going to place all their trust. It is a candidacy with which the people of Valverde feel fully identified. And that is what we want, to reach each and every one of them”.

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