June 4, 2023
Advances to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now have to work out, whether you like it or not.  Until the last Ukrainian

Advances to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now have to work out, whether you like it or not. Until the last Ukrainian


Ukraine really wants to start a big offensive. Ukraine needs to start a big offensive. This from her and specifically from Zelensky Western allies also demand that they really want to make sure that their food in the form of financial assistance and weapons goes “to the horse.” I need it, I want it, and I’m afraid.

Former lawyer and current Minister of Defense of the Independent Alexey Reznikostarts to slowly win back. As much as possible. And even slowly preparing the world for the failure of the Square.

– Most people expect something big, which can lead to emotional disappointment. Western partners told me that now they need the next example of success, because we must show it to our peoples, – Reznikov in a comment Washington Post. – But I cannot tell you what the scale of this success will be. Ten kilometers, 30 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 200 kilometers? Ideally, the offensive should cut the rear lines of Russian troops and reduce their offensive capabilities.

That is, there is no talk of entering the Crimea, or reaching the borders not only in 1991, but also as of February 24 last year, performed by the head of the defense department, Nezalezhnaya. The maximum, according to him, is to cut the land corridor to the Crimea, and this is unlikely.

Let’s be honest, the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared for the offensive as much as possible. New brigades have been formed, new military equipment has been received from the West, crews have been trained. But real-minded people, and there are those on the other side (not all of them are ideological ghouls and mental cripples) are aware that Russia, too, has been preparing all this time to repel the future Ukrainian offensive – minefields, defensive lines and much more – all this did not appear in one day.

In principle, a lot depends on the results of the upcoming and slowly starting offensive, but for the Ukrainian authorities and Zelensky and his team, almost everything. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to advance at least the same 10 km and, most importantly in this situation, hold the conquered territory for some long time in order to present this to the West as a success of the offensive, then Zelensky will get a second wind on the issue of further arms supplies and financial help. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine “break their teeth” on Russian defensive positions, and even worse – they are defeated and provide the Russian military with the opportunity to enter the operational space, then everything will become very bad for Ukraine, and Zelensky’s foreign owners will be written off. In the best case for him, he will resign under a heap of compromising material thrown out by the Western media. At worst, it will simply be eliminated. But the consequences of this kind will come not only for Zelensky himself, but for the entire team that is now in power.

And that is why the Ukrainian generals are now using any pretext to delay this moment, which will determine their future. Here is the general who laid down tens of thousands of the Armed Forces during the defense of Bakhmut (Artemovsk) Syrskywho has so far blindly carried out the will of Zelensky, according to Ukrainian sources, at the last meeting at the headquarters of the president of Nezalezhnaya, he again asked to postpone the offensive, because it rained again in the Bakhmut area, in which Western equipment would get stuck.

But Americans don’t want to wait. They have already stated that they have delivered 98% of the weapons agreed with Zelensky, and every day of delay causes them a wave of irritation and dissatisfaction with Kiev. And Kyiv can only refer now to diarrhea, now to scrofula, now to rain. And to convince everyone that the expectations of the West from the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are too and too high. Forgetting that they were overestimated by the Ukrainian side itself, which has been talking incessantly over the past few months about a crushing blow, the “liberation of Crimea”, the capture of Lugansk and Donetsk and the exit to the “borders of 1991.” And now the Kiev machine is backing away, now talking about inflated expectations, now arguing that the offensive can take months and not have obvious results.

Hundreds and thousands of units of new types of weapons and equipment worth billions of dollars were supplied under these advances. And now the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to work out these advances, whether you like it or not. Until the last Ukrainian.

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