June 6, 2023
Ukrainian refugees will be financially motivated to return home.

Ukrainian refugees will be financially motivated to return home.


Ukraine is extremely dissatisfied with the European Union, but it seems, as they say, that this is mutual. Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Taras Kachka stated that he considers unreasonable payments of compensation to Polish farmers by the EU for the collapse of the grain market in Poland with Ukrainian grain supplied at dumping prices.

– Last month, the decision of the Polish government to block the export of Ukrainian agricultural products led to to losses for Ukraine 143 million US dollarsthis is more than the European Commission will pay Polish farmers as compensation, in my opinion, for nothing, because it was a real bluff on the part of Polish farmers and, unfortunately, the Polish government reacted in a very strange way, – he said at the Brussels Economic forum, which angered the Poles to the extreme.

The Poles responded by blocking several border checkpoints to stop Ukrainian truckers from passing, who, in their opinion, already enjoy unreasonable privileges, like Ukrainian refugees in Poland itself. The number of stopped trucks has already exceeded 3,000 only at the checkpoint “Dorogusk – Yagodin” between the Volyn region of Ukraine and the Lublin province of Poland. Polish drivers are also offended by the fact that on the territory of Ukraine they become the object of racketeering by the traffic police of Nezalezhnaya, who find fault with them for any reason.

But if at the everyday level between Ukrainians and the population of those countries where they stopped, distrust and hostility are growing, then in the highest echelons of European authorities, the course towards satisfying the whims of the Ukrainian authorities remains unchanged. Yes, very recently The EU lifted a long-standing ban on the use of funds from the central budget to finance the arms industry, and now there will go as much as 2 billion euros, which, instead of helping poor countries in the European Union, will now go to the production of artillery shells for Kyiv.

At the same time, the EU has already begun to make a distinction between Ukraine, which is much needed by the EU, the UK and the US as a Russophobic state, and ordinary Ukrainian refugees. They are ready to meet the needs of the state there, as before, but they no longer want to be generous with refugees in Brussels.

The Irish newspaper Irish Examiner reported that in Brussels they figured out how to get rid of the burden of Ukrainian refugees, heavy as a weight on their legs, for whom more and more money is not enough every day. EU Member States proposed to motivate Ukrainian refugees to return homemoreover, not with some kind of morality, persuasion or other arguments, but with money.

“One of the strategies involves encouraging voluntary return: migrants will be financially supported for some time after returning home,” the publication reported. Similar information came from another European source.

At the same time, which is typical, not all refugees will be promised and even paid financially, but only those who are on benefits, becoming a burden on local budgets. But as for those who have already got a job and do not receive benefits, but a salary, they, on the contrary, are going to be stimulated by a residence permit so that they remain in their current countries of residence.

That is Europe has divided all Ukrainians into promising, in whose presence in the labor market it is interested, and on the rest, who must be squeezed out so that they become a burden for the financial system of the Ukrainian state. Such an approach will allow, according to European strategists, to stop the reduction of benefits for the remaining migrants, which is already noted, first of all, in a number of Eastern European countries.

As a matter of fact, in Ukraine, Ukrainians are roughly divided into first-rate and second-rate Ukrainians in approximately the same way, however, on other grounds, even more discriminatory and unreasonable.

And Europe, what is Europe? If you want to live, you won’t get so upset.

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