June 4, 2023

If it were a chronicle to use, it would be the chronicle of a night of announced sensitivity, of the meeting of nostalgia and the songs that heal, because Angel Corpawho was the founder of cluster jarchaHe left but he didn’t leave, we Huelva people already know what this means. and with the title “After the Silence” it brought together a large part of several generations who conceive music, song and poetry in a different way.

The recital was held in the auditorium of the Foro Iberoamericano de la Rábida, in what has been called “the afternoons of the forum” and Ángel Corpa filled it. And he did it because his connection with Huelva is enormous, because the audience felt linked to the true Jarcha, because his voice as an interpreter and his quality as a composer have improved, because his songs are poetry and music or vice versa, because he is still a person coherent in his work and in his life and because listening to him, accompanied by Israel Fausto, professor of cello at the Seville Conservatory, is always a delight.

There were eighteen songs and two more, because the applause did not stop; and, at the end, “Libertad sin ira” sung by all. And the room was filled with beauty and gratitude.

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