May 30, 2023
French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire


Current politicians in all eras often took up the pen and published literary opuses on various topics. Under pseudonyms, of course. Especially if there were descriptions of love scenes in the book, however, they were presented, as a rule, quite correctly.

But what the French economy minister has just done Bruno Le Maire, who published the novel American Fugue under his own name, shocked even not too shy French people. In Le Maire’s book, two brothers travel from New York to Cuba for a concert by a renowned pianist. According to the minister, this is a novel about music and the fragility of people. But the author’s intention was overshadowed by a frank passage where one of the brothers named Oscar talks about his amorous adventures. This quote made a splash: “She threw herself on the bed and showed me the dark bulge of her anus: “Are you coming, Oscar? It’s expanded like never before.”

These spicy lines instantly began to savor in the media and social networks. Historian Olivier Varlan joked that the government should set up a hotline for psychological help for people who read this passage. The quote became viral and migrated to the posters of the May Day demonstrators. People were outraged not only by the outright vulgarity with a pornographic tinge, but also by the fact that the minister chose clearly not the best time to publish the book. Fitch has downgraded the country’s economic rating, citizens are angry about inflation, not to mention the ongoing protests against pension reform, and Le Maire, instead of putting out the crisis, is practicing epistolary genre.

By the way, the minister is extremely prolific in the role of a writer. This is his fifth book since taking office. The author himself hurried to protect his offspring. He explained that books are his hobby, giving him the opportunity to relax and unwind. Earlier, in his essentially autobiographical essay The Minister, the official described how his wife caressed him “in an intimate place” during a trip to Venice.

“KP” has already said that not only Monsieur Le Maire sacredly keeps among politicians the glorious French tradition of spicy writing. By the way, the minister is aiming for the presidency, and almost all French leaders were noticed in literary research: from and Charles de Gaulle And Mitterrand before Macron.

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