June 6, 2023
Writer Zakhar Prilepin was seriously injured, and his friend and bodyguard died in a terrorist attack

Writer Zakhar Prilepin was seriously injured, and his friend and bodyguard died in a terrorist attack

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

The terrorist attack, as a result of which the writer Zakhar Prilepin was seriously injured and his friend and bodyguard died, caused a new round of discussion about what is happening and what steps our society and our state need to take. A military expert and journalist have their own answers to all these questions. Vladislav Shurygin, which he shared on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

– For my part, it is incorrect to write out prescriptions here, because I am still a military expert, a journalist, and the fight against terror is a matter for professionals of a completely different kind. But if you take only pain points, then here they are.

The simplest example is that today our borders are open. Most of the militants who carried out the previous terrorist attacks simply managed to escape abroad, taking, for example, the murderer of Dasha Dugina, Natalia Vovk. Because we have a comfortable border regime, Russians like to go on vacation, and in general we have open borders, we go there wherever we want. We do not have a normal border with Ukraine. Not only did we stop the military method of protecting the border 15 years ago, that is, we disbanded border detachments, disbanded outposts and transferred everything to the “operational method of border protection”, the creation of some observation posts, drone patrols, etc. But this eventually led to the fact that our borders became transparent. So we were also proud of the fact that we saved a huge amount of money by disbanding the border troops, transferring the border service to a new high-tech method. Perhaps this works on some calm borders, but not for the current Ukrainian border

– And besides the border guards?

– Today our special services are in a very difficult situation. They cannot work in foreign territories. And any militant who went to the territory of Ukraine or even to the territory of Armenia or Uzbekistan, he has already disappeared, fell out of our competence. We need to look at how our colleagues, for example, the same Israelis, are doing. They destroy their enemies in any country, regardless of whether it is America, France or Germany. We must work here to be proactive, it is necessary to destroy those who are the organizers of terror, wherever we can get them. It is necessary – get them with rockets on the territory of Ukraine. No – find a new Sudoplatov. Take the archives of Sudoplatov, he told in detail how they destroyed all this Bandera scum abroad. We must work proactively. And, of course, in addition to scum abroad, there is our own.

– Explain this point in more detail, if possible.

– We must work proactively with the toxic environment that we have left after all these bulks and other liberals fled abroad. Their “mushroom pickers” remained here, they still work with them. Moreover, they are now regularly handed over to both the Americans under control and the Ukrainians. You can remember what kind of scum, to put it mildly, that blew up Vladlen Tatarsky. The usual stupid liberal who stayed here and was eventually used. Of course, such “mycelium mushrooms” must be opened and not just said “ay-ya-yay”, knocking on the table or, as we sometimes see, post repentance videos on TV or on the Internet.

– And completely false and insincere apologies from them after the arrests.

– Enemies should be afraid. A person who understands that he went against his state – voluntarily, involuntarily, in words, out of stupidity, he must feel a sense of sacred horror from what awaits him, and at any cost try further, this is all that is called, somehow from himself take away – cooperate, hand over your connections, sign up as a volunteer for the front, as you like.

We still have terrorists in court, and they have lawyers, a lot of rights, etc. We have not yet introduced courts-martial on the front line, which, in principle, should even be state-wide. If you look at the staff list of a motorized rifle division, there is quite clearly a military court there. But it is not there, no one introduces it.

We have a SVO somewhere, but here everything is fine, fine, and we feel good. Someone is going to Turkey to go on vacation, someone wants no one to block their roads, and why are parking and car sharing not allowed on May 9? We live in a situation where somewhere someone is somehow killed, but not me. During the Chechen campaign, when houses were blown up in Moscow, society suddenly realized that this was about each of us. And those who lived then remember how the residents negotiated among themselves, arranged vigils, checked all the empty apartments. Because everyone understood that it could explode under you. And today, absolute complacency.

Since it will not lead to good, we all need to get rid of him.

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