June 2, 2023

The technician of Recreational HuelvaAbel Gomez, He has recognized that there will be changes in the eleven of the Dean in Mancha Real to give opportunity to the least usual in the league and rest to the most usual. «When you achieve the goal of the play-off you relieve yourself a little of the pressure but we are training well and we are going to compete to get the three points. Adrián is going to play from the start, he has been exemplary for the group and his predisposition and he deserves it and we will make some more changes, because we have some players with three cards and others with a workload and it is time to give them rest.”

Of course, the coach insists that the team will go to compete in Mancha Real. «I insist, we are going to compete and try to get as many points as possible and that is why we are looking to win this start. We want to finish in the best possible way in all aspects, in terms of numbers and sensations. In my team there is no room for relaxation, maximum intensity and those who are going to play know that having a place in the play-offs is at stake.

And as for nursing, he acknowledges that «Bernardo is undergoing a recovery process and Arjona has a little less than we expected. Iago is already doing tasks with the ball and we’ll see how he feels next week ».

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