June 2, 2023

He sea is the protagonist of the XXII Cultural Week of montessori school from Huelva capital, which is held from May 8 to 12, and which is dedicated to the French oceanographer jacques cousteauwho died in 1997, who with his books, films and series spread the value of life in the seas and contributed to raising awareness of the importance of its conservation.

The students will get to know the figure of possibly the most famous explorer and oceanographer in the world, who continues to captivate viewers of all ages with the documentaries in which he explored the seas aboard the mythical ship Calypso.

In addition to delving into the work of this pioneer in the defense of the seas, students will discover the importance that the sea has in the territory, from its origins to the present day, through disciplines such as underwater archaeology, history, economics , botany, economic and environmental sustainability, heritage, geology and documentary film, which will bring to the classroom the harsh reality of thousands of people trying to reach Europe in search of a better life.

The week begins with the screening and discussion of the documentary wet letters in Aqualon cinemas, presented by its director Paula Palacios. This documentary filmmaker has produced and directed more than 25 documentaries for television and focuses her work on social issues and those related to migration and women.

wet cards It is his first feature film for cinema.

The documentary, nominated for the Goya 2021 and produced by Isabel Coixet, tells the most tragic epic in contemporary history through letters written by mothers to their children and read to us by a mysterious voice that comes from the bottom of the sea.

The voice accompanies the Open Arms ship on one of its rescue missions, in which it fights to save half a thousand people from shipwreck.

From the Mediterranean it takes us to the streets of Paris, where the police violence against migrants and the harsh living conditions to which they are forced make the hardships of the trip insignificant, to finally throw us into a Libyan coast guard boat and submerge ourselves. in the most dangerous place in the world: Libya, where human beings are mistreated and enslaved.

The underwater archeology will take the students to the Museum of Huelva, where its director Elena Aguilerawill give a talk about the archaeological remains located under the waters of the coast of Huelva and will show some of the pieces found.

Aguilera is a curator for the Junta de Andalucía, and has developed her career at the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (CAAC) and at the Museum of Huelva, where she has served as technical advisor for Conservation and Research.

She developed the project for the creation and opening of the Rio Tinto Mining Museum, of which she was director for a decade.

She has a degree in Geography and History from the University of Salamanca, specializing in Prehistory and Archaeology, and a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Heritage from the University of Seville.

His research focuses on archeology and underwater archaeology, both nationally and internationally.

The visit Tidal Mill Ecomuseum El Pintado in Ayamonte is a sample of the richness and diversity of the heritage from the province.

Restored in 2009, it dates from the 18th century, and houses the Interpretation Center “El Hombre y la Marisma”, an ethnographic museum in which to learn about the forms of exploitation of the marsh in a sustainable way, in addition to the actual operation of a mill tidal.

These two activities are carried out with the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía.

In relation to the historythe Second World War in Huelva is the protagonist.

The documentary mincemeatfrom Huelva director Eduardo Gancedotells us about the operation Mincethe ruse orchestrated by the Allies to deceive the German side and, in this way, change the course of the war.

The mystery of the appearance of the body of William Martin on La Bota beach in 1943, its historical repercussions in World War II, and the influence of the British legacy in Huelva are the pillars on which the Major William Martin Associationwhich accommodates cultural, educational, sports, urban and folkloric initiatives to disseminate and bring an important part of the history of Huelva closer to the public.

work sugarformer student of the school and secretary of the association, will be in charge of presenting it and chatting with the students about the importance that Huelva had in the 2nd World War

The magellan expedition, of which the 5th centenary has recently been celebrated, serves as the plot of a fun gymkhana that will make them become true adventurers. In this activity, the participants will get to know the facts, protagonists and circumstances of this adventure, while demonstrating their ability, knowledge and ingenuity to pass the different tests.

A canoe ride through the Marismas del Odiel natural area to learn about the flora, fauna and the history of mining in Huelva. Its great biological and landscape wealth make it one of the most important wetlands in Europe

To learn about the fishing tradition, students will visit the port and the markets from Punta Umbreia and Huelvawhere they will participate in a fish auction and have the opportunity to see the catch up close.

For the conservation of canned and salted foods, salt is essential. In this case, the visit will take place at Biomaris salt flats (Isla Cristina), where they will show you the process of production, care and extraction of salt, as well as its new food, therapeutic and cosmetic uses. They will learn to differentiate the different types of salt and will make their own sea salts.

After viewing the great waveby Huelva director Fernando Arroyo, the firefighters of the NGO United Firefighters Without Bordersthey will explain to the students the measures taken by the tsunami planwith the aim that schoolchildren know how to act in this extreme situation.

The film, which garnered 7 nominations at the 2018 Goya Awards, has the testimonies of leading experts (physicists, geologists, oceanographers…) that support the possibility of a tsunami arriving on the coasts of Huelva and Cádiz

With the collaboration of the Port of Huelva, various visits will be carried out:

Picacho Lighthouse (Mazagon). This unique building is linked to the historical memory of our coasts and is part of the maritime heritage preserved by the port authority.

He reception center of the Port of Huelva offers the visitor a permanent exhibition in which the institution is made known, and shows the importance of the port-city link from various perspectives: historical, social, economic, as well as in relation to its future projects.

He fishing gear workshop It will make them know marine biodiversity, their habitats and how human beings adapted fishing gear to this biodiversity.

The little ones (3 and 4 years old) will visit the natural area the junipers. There they will learn the different ecosystems that make it up, its fauna, marine and ornithological, and the importance of tides in the formation and dynamics of marshes.

The Cultural week will close on Friday the 12th with a tribute to jacques cousteauin which a commemorative plaque will be unveiled and will be attended by Arthur Stephen AlbertGeneral Director of Ports in Spain and Manolo Rodriguez hernandezdelegate in Andalusia of the foundationn Philippe Cousteau Union of the Ocandyears.

The Foundationcreated in 1999, aims to transmit to future generations the importance of protecting Seas and Oceans.

In 1966, Mrs. Almoguera tape founded the Montessori College.

This school, a pioneer in many areas, such as offering a mixed secular education or integrating emotional education in a transversal way, has also been in the organization of a Cultural Week in which each edition is dedicated to subjects that complement the humanistic formation of the students.

emblematic figures such as Glory Strongwho was the first guest in 1979, the illustrator Jose Ramon Sanchezthe conductor Luis Cobos, the presenter Elena Santonja or, more recently, the actress Lluvia Rojo, have visited us since its inception.

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