June 4, 2023

The Law on irrigation of the Northern Crown of Donana it will not go ahead until after the municipal elections. This has been confirmed from the various parliamentary groups, but always with controversy, since while from the Left groups they attribute it to an electoral strategy from the PP they assure that it is about the “normal management” times.

In this sense, the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has denied this Friday that there will be a “break” in the processing, in the Andalusian Parliament, of the bill on irrigation in Doñana due to the municipal elections on May 28, and has asked the central government to sit down and talk, instead of dedicating itself to launching “threats.”

Moreno wanted to make it clear that the deadlines “that are established” for the processing of the bill in the autonomous Chamber will be met, and that the objective continues to be that it be approved in the current session, which lasts until end of july. “There is no parenthesis or stoppage or limitation for this law to follow its normal course, as we had organized and planned,” he said.

Support from irrigators to move the debate away from Doñana over time

The Platform in Defense of County Irrigation today wanted to place in “normal” the fact that the processing of the Proposition of Law (PPL) continues with the appearances, after the celebration of the municipal elections of 28M, “moving it away from the political trigger” to which they are submitting it “irresponsibly from the Government of Spain and the political formations that support it in Andalusia”.

This was explained by the spokesperson for the platform, Julio Díaz, who argued that “the procedure for the processing of the Doñana law needs to organize the internal work of the commission; the elections are just around the corner and it seems reasonable to us to apply common sense. We are not selfish, we only ask for justice”.

“We do not interpret it –he said- neither as a sudden stop, a freeze, nor as a step to the side. We are aware and responsible about what is important and urgent right now and that is the elections”.

In this sense, he added that “it seems reasonable to us to move the law away from the political trigger now, because citizens have to make decisions, without noise, about what affects them closest to them, their municipalities.” For this reason, he sees it as “reasonable” that the hearings be held after 28M.

“We are certain and guaranteed that we are going to have the proposed law approved before the end of this period of sessions”, just as he has ensured that the farmers know “that the Andalusian government and the two parliamentary groups that support it are not going to to take a step back” with the Proposal for the Law on land use planning in the North Crown of Doñana.

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