June 6, 2023
The famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery on the avenue of stars.

The famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery on the avenue of stars.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery on the avenue of stars. Writer Eduard Uspensky and other celebrities rest near the fashion designer’s grave.

But Yudashkin’s girlfriend Alla Pugacheva, arrived to the funeral of a fashion designer from Israel, and could not imagine that the closest “neighbor” of Valentin Abramovich in the churchyard would be her ex-husband director Alexander Stefanovich.

Alla Borisovna did not even show that she noticed who was buried next to Yudashkin. But the singer’s colleagues, of course, have already discussed this accident. Already this divorce was too loud: at the suggestion of Stefanovich, the ex-spouses shared almost cutlery. And after the divorce, Alla Pugacheva stopped communicating with the former and almost did not react to his stories about their marriage.

Recall: Alexander Stefanovich passed away two years agowithout defeating the hardest covid.

The director died without reconciling with his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva.

Stefanovich often publicly stated that it was he who created the image of the Prima Donna.

– I figured out how to beat the props. The microphone in the hand can be either a torch or a glass. Pulled up Slava Zaitsev.

I made Alla do something all the time. We lived for a year, she says: “Sasha, all my men did something for me. And what have you done for me?” – “I figured you out, made you a star.” To which she says: “As an honest person, you should marry me.” “Who told you that I am an honest person?” We laughed and went to the registry office,” Stefanovich recalled. “I remember during our divorce, the judge asked: “This may be a frivolous decision, you need to think about it. I give you 3 months. There must be good reasons for me to divorce you.” Alla then flared up: “What are the grounds? He mocked me! He made me lose weight.” The judge grinned: “I would like such a husband.”

Alla Pugacheva did not particularly react to the tales of the formerhowever, from her short remarks it was clear that these conversations were not pleasant to her

– Stefanovich? Well, what can be said about him? We must give him his due, I developed with him, read a lot, – said KP.RU Alla Pugacheva.-Yes, he was my husband, but I feel sorry for him as a human being. He only talks about me. Like, he made me a star, a singer. I will not refute him, let it remain on his conscience. He apparently forgot or simply does not want to remember that in 1978 I was already a famous singer. If he is such a master, then why didn’t he make another such singer? Who is stopping him? Previously, when giving interviews to journalists, he was categorically against being associated with me, asking to be written that he was a director. And now he is happy to introduce himself as the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva! If without my name, without remembering me, it is difficult for him to live, then let him speak, God bless him! He appropriated my first drawings, probably will publish them in some yellow newspaper. And if it so happens that he outlives me, then I am sure that he will write another nonsense about how he was the husband of Alla Pugacheva. God bless him. He is a smart, prudent man – what he needed, he fucked me.

However Stefanovich passed away without having time to reconcile with his famous wife. Who would have thought that their last “meeting” with Pugacheva would take place after his death, when Alla Borisovna came to say goodbye to her close friend Valentin Yudashkin.


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