June 6, 2023
The coronation of the British monarch Charles III was the most important event in world life.

The coronation of the British monarch Charles III was the most important event in world life.


The coronation of the British monarch Charles III and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla has become the most important event in world life today. The ceremony was held without any special excesses, and the celebrations on the occasion of the coronation will last in the UK for a few more days.

The king, the coronation, its participants, and even the inclement weather that has settled in London today, have become the objects of numerous Internet memes.

“Tell Carl that I ruined the weather” – a variety of memes hint that the rain on the British capital today was sent down from the other world by Carl’s first wife, Princess Diana.

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The king himself also got it, whose distinguishing feature is big ears. Internet users have suggested releasing just such souvenir cups.

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The Prince Charles Cinema put up a “No, we’re not changing our name” poster, playing on the monarch’s name change from Charles to Charles.

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The king’s sister Anna and his son Harry became a meme at the same time. The prince was given a place behind the aunt, but here on her head was a cocked hat with a red fluffy plume. “Poor Harry, he so wants to see everything,” Internet users regretted the Duke of Sussex.

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The unusual costume of Princess Anne gave rise to a joke about her resemblance to Napoleon. “Anna preparing to defeat Napoleon himself?” – good-natured jokes on the web.

A lot of different emotions – from a smile to horror – were caused by a woman who concentratedly carried a sword at the coronation ceremony. This honor was awarded to the leader of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, Penny Mordaunt. “I wonder if Penny has the strength to keep this symbol of power?” – people have fun.

Broke into memes and often yawning at the coronation 5-year-old grandson of Charles, the son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Louis.

The British have different attitudes towards the existence of the institution of the monarchy in their state. Someone considers this a nice tradition, and someone is ready to do anything to get rid of this rudiment. But both of them smile when they see these and other memes. After all, memes are created in order to amuse and cheer up!

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