June 1, 2023

The University of Huelva has hosted this Friday the act of delivery of the ‘VII Awards Tied to Child Solidarity’some awards promoted by the Huelva City Council which are intended to promote and recognize solidarity behaviors of boys and girls in the capital within their school environment.

In this regard, the Councilor for Social Policies and Equality, María José Pulido, wanted to highlight that “these are awards that we have been organizing with great affection since 2016, since they allow us to publicize and pay a well-deserved tribute to behaviors exemplary of our minors, from Huelva with a big heart who have stood out during this course for their empathy and solidarity, for helping their classmates, as well as for their ability to mediate and resolve conflicts in class”.

In this way, thanks to ‘Atados’ for yet another year it has been possible to value actions and attitudes based on respect and camaraderie, insisting on the importance of small gestures, such as a smilea word of encouragement and encouragement, or reaching out to a colleague in need.

In this way, the Consistory has wanted to reward through this contest the humanity in the day to day in the schools of the city, promoting positive attitudes, putting oneself in the place of others, seeking the well-being of other people, as well as the Show interest in someone who feels isolated or may need help without having asked for it.

Thus, among the actions that have been valued the most in this edition, those of boys and girls who have demonstrated their honesty, their respectful character, their constant help to colleagues or their supportive and generous attitude towards people with reduced mobility stand out.

It should be noted that in this 2023 call, the winners have been minors from the Andalucía, Ciudad de los Niños, Reyes Católicos, Diocesano, Onuba, Manuel Siurot, Salesianos and Virgen del Pilar schools.

Previously, the Consistory has had the collaboration of the different schools, as it is a contest aimed at the participation of all Primary schools that want to extol and highlight the behavior of their students in terms of their solidarity and values humans. To do this, each of them has had the opportunity to choose a student enrolled in this course and who has carried out some type of remarkable action for the benefit of a person, group or entity.

Within this framework, it should be noted that it has been a non-competitive contest, which symbolically rewards all minors, and which also includes the participation of the boys and girls who make up the Children’s Council, who have a fundamental role in the ratification of the proposals and in the choice of the winners, for which reason the children’s mayor of Huelva, Noa Fernández, has also played a leading role in this gala.

Finally, it should be remembered that the name of the contest, ‘Atados’ was born from the short film ‘Cuerdas’, awarded a Goya in 2014 and which tells a story of friendship and solidarity between people who selflessly help each other.

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