June 2, 2023
Coronation of Charles III in Britain

Coronation of Charles III in Britain


be invited to coronation ceremony and even more so for women to participate in it involves a lot of trouble, the main part of which means choosing an outfit and fashion accessories. For everyone else, the coronation is also an opportunity to gossip about the tastes of the queen consort and the daughters-in-law of the British monarch.

The wife of Charles III, Camilla, announced earlier this year that the dress in which she will appear before the people at the coronation will be sewn by British designer Bruce Oldfield.

This couturier has been working with the royal family for a long time, he was one of the favorite designers of Princess Diana and sewed many outfits in which Camilla appeared in public.

The design of the dress has been kept secret until today. Oldfield’s atelier only reported that the queen personally took part in the development of the model.

The dress turned out great: white, with gold embroidery. It was successfully combined with the white color of the outfit of Charles III. Oldfield himself was delighted, telling reporters that he has been working with Camilla for more than 10 years, and “the coronation dress combines the style and silhouettes that Her Majesty likes.” The couturier also said that while working on such an important order, he “looked into the history of the coronation dresses of both Queen Elizabeth II and her predecessors.”

On the chest of the queen consort was a necklace worn by Elizabeth II at her coronation ceremony in 1953.

This piece of jewelry has its own story: it was presented to Queen Victoria back in 1858 and has been one of the most valuable items in the royal treasury ever since.

Camilla became the first representative of the Windsor dynasty since the 18th century who decided to refuse to order a special, new crown and agreed to reuse the crown once placed on the head of Queen Mary. Buckingham Palace said in advance that “minor changes have been made” to this historic relic.

After the coronation, a special ring appeared on Camilla’s hand, which in Great Britain is one of the symbols of royal power and symbolizes betrothal and unity with the people.

By the way, the British fell in love with Camilla, not least because of her signature image, which has already survived a dozen fashion trends, just like the image of Elizabeth II. The queen consort is known to be loyal to only a few trusted labels, preferring clothes from Dior, Burberry and Fiona Clare.

The reason for the heated debate of fashionistas was the toilet, in which the wife of Prince William, Princess of Wales Kate, arrived at the coronation. Many at first thought that the mantle thrown over the shoulders of the princess was the somewhat archaic toilet chosen by Kate. But later it turned out that this was an old part of the ceremonial wardrobe, worn by Kate at the request of the royal couple.

The Princess of Wales shone in a white dress from the brand Alexander McQueen. She previously mentioned that her outfit “will be a shade of blue.” Silver-blue was the fine embroidery on the sleeves and hem.

On the eve of the coronation, the British argued what would decorate Kate’s head. The princess arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a luxurious tiara. At what it is still not clear – this is a specially created headdress or jewelry like a diadem. It is only known that Kate has worn tiaras more than once, including the world-famous “Lotus Flower” and a tiara specially made by the House of Cartier, which adorned Kate’s head during her wedding in 2011.

Today, Kate already got into the lenses of photographers in a different outfit: in the morning she took a walk around the center of London and attended a dinner, to which the governors general of the territories included in the British Commonwealth, the current prime minister and his predecessors were invited. Kate wore an elegant white midi dress and diamond and pearl drop earrings.

After a couple of hours, she had to change her outfit in order to attend a reception in honor of the heads of foreign states who arrived for the coronation. For the occasion, Kate opted for a bright blue dress with a ruffled bodice and gold buttons.


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