June 4, 2023

Fight against workplace bullying. The president of the Provincial Council of Huelva, Maria Eugenia Limonand the general secretary of the Provincial Federation of Public Services of the General Union of Workers (UGT) Huelva, Marisa Fernández, have signed today, at the headquarters of the provincial institution, a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the Unit for the Study and Assessment of Harassment (EVA) that serves as a tool to deal with harassment labor in public administrations and in defense of workers in the public sector.

The president of the Provincial Council wanted, in the first place, “to value the work that, from the union sphere, particularly from the UGT, is done in terms of occupational risk prevention. Specifically, the purpose of the agreement that we are signing today is focused on one of the psychosocial risks, perhaps more invisible, more difficult to detect, but at the same time more devastating for the health of workers. Workplace bullying.”

For María Eugenia Limón, “unions and business fabric should aspire to workplaces totally free of harassment of any kind. And, in this sense, the administrations -as public employers and as benchmarks for society as a whole- must always be one step ahead by setting an example. Tools such as the implementation of protocols for the detection and management of cases of harassment in the professional field, are tremendously useful to avoid damage to the health of those people who are the object of these unfortunate situations”.

For her part, Marisa Fernández, who thanked the Provincial Council for signing this agreement, pointed out that “the Federation of Public Services of UGT Huelva will promote this Unit from its union section at the University of Huelva, counting for this purpose on a team of teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of clinical psychology, occupational psychology, law, health sciences and educational sciences, among others, as well as an administration and services team for management tasks derived from the implementation of the project”.

Raising awareness about workplace bullying

The actions contemplated by the EVA Unit include those aimed at raising awareness about workplace bullying in collaboration with the administrations participating in the project (information campaigns, conferences, seminars, dissemination in the media), as well as any other actions that contribute to raising awareness about this serious problem, its consequences and its prevention and intervention in the field of public administrations.

Likewise, actions of advice, assessment and evaluation of situations of harassment that occur in the field of public administrations will be carried out, and especially, in those that participate directly in the project: University of Huelva, Diputación de Huelva and City Council of Huelva.

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