June 4, 2023
They write that some movement of radicals has already taken responsibility for the assassination attempt on Prilepin

They write that some movement of radicals has already taken responsibility for the assassination attempt on Prilepin

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

And some doubted that it would be so. I’m talking about blowing up the car in which Zakhar Prilepin was. Daria Dugina, Maxim Fomin, an attempt to undermine Konstantin Malofeev (thank God, the vigilance of the guards did not let us down). It’s not against the military, it’s not against the special services, it’s not even terrorist attacks against officials, although Ukrainian terrorists often succeed in killing representatives of local authorities in the liberated territories. In these areas, there are dozens of cases of assassination attempts, successful and unsuccessful. This is a war that the Ukrainian special services unleashed primarily against Russian society. Intimidate, split, break into pieces. Destroy the “guardians” and ideologues and intimidate the alarmed “swamp”.

It is noteworthy that just yesterday one of the Ukrainian Telegram channels wrote: “Our source reports that at a closed conference call in the Office of the President, decisions were made to eliminate the Russian “tops” before the offensive. The task of such murders is to intimidate the systemic elite of the opponent. Plus to “This, many will refuse to support the system in order to save their own skins – this is an excellent trump card. The West has long given its tacit consent to any such actions of the Office of the President. Up to a blow to the Kremlin or the State Duma.”

And at the end of December, the same channel reported: “Our source reports that groups of Ukrainian DRGs are being trained at western training grounds (Britain, the Czech Republic, also in Poland). This training takes place in special areas and under the full supervision of NATO, which is honing its tactics and strategy using Ukrainian fighters”.

They write that some radical movement from among the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian nationalists “ATESH” has already taken responsibility for the assassination attempt on Prilepin. But do not be deceived – these terrorist radicals can be used directly for execution, and the strings still lead to the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, military intelligence under the leadership of Kirill Budanov. By the way, back in May last year, Budanov received approval for the sabotage and terrorist activities of his agents in Russia. And then, throughout the year until its end, he discussed the expansion of the geography of strikes several more times.

Now, before the Victory Day and at the very beginning of the offensive attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this danger has increased manifold. And therefore, everyone who has even the slightest chance of attracting the attention of Ukrainian special services and radicals is simply obliged to observe precautions and all security measures to the maximum.

They write that the deceased Prilepin driver-security guard frightened off two men who were rubbing themselves during a stop for a snack. Moreover, it was impossible to start moving without inspecting the car. After each stop, it is necessary to check the car: hood, interior, trunk for the appearance of new items, including bookmarks under the bottom. But this is all from the category of passive defense. This will not stop without active measures – without liquidations of those who give orders.

Yes, I understand perfectly well that the current heads of the SBU, Malyuk, GUR Budanov and others, do not sit there all the time, but work in protected or clandestine residences. But employees remain in the places of permanent location of these structures, there are the most powerful communication nodes, etc. And the bunkers cannot accommodate everyone, only the most valuable ones. And this means that in any case, the functioning of these services will be damaged. Three “daggers” at all known addresses, and then it will be possible to measure the scale of terrorist activity of the Ukrainian special services. And, by the way, the same Americans. It is time to realize that these are not isolated cases, but the systematic policy of a terrorist state. This is a modern modification of ISIS * in Europe. And you should do the same with them.

In the end, excuse me, no matter how much I appreciate our journalist brother, even the most talented, Bandera and Konovalets ceased their activities not as a result of Levitan’s speeches, but after a meeting with Stashinsky and Sudoplatov.

* An organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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