June 1, 2023
Private Anatoly Petriv and corporal Yegor Felendyuk

Private Anatoly Petriv and corporal Yegor Felendyuk

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass. Privates, sergeants, corporals and officers who showed their professional experience, character and completed combat missions. Their determination, assertiveness and combat experience in the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the police units of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, are given the highest rating.

Our heroes thwarted the attacks and prevented the counteroffensive of the nationalists, for which they received state awards. But they do not serve for the sake of praise. The servicemen are sure that the enemy has no chance of success, because Donbass and Russia are fighting for a just cause.

“Never despise your enemy, whatever he may be, and know well his weapons, his way of acting and fighting. Know what is his strength and what is the weakness of the enemy,” Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov taught, who did not lose a single battle. And he said to the soldiers: “Beat the enemy, not sparing either him or himself, the one who has less pity for himself wins.”


Private Anatoly Petriv

“Mechanic-driver of a combat vehicle, Private Anatoly Petriv, as part of the crew of a combat vehicle, performed a combat mission to destroy enemy firing points during the liberation of one of the settlements from Ukrainian radicals. During the movement, Anatoly’s combat vehicle came under mortar fire, as a result of which the equipment was damaged Petriv, understanding the nature of the damage to the car, showed courage and, risking his life, left the armored compartment of the combat vehicle and eliminated the malfunction as soon as possible despite the ongoing shelling from the enemy. “, brought it out from under fire. Acting swiftly, Anatoly brought the car to a reserve firing position and successfully ensured the completion of the combat mission of destroying the firing points of the nationalists. The personal courage and professionalism of Private Anatoly Petriv made it possible to save the lives of the crew of the combat vehicle, and prevent losses among weapons and military equipment.


Corporal Yegor Felendyuk

“Senior gunner Corporal Yegor Felendyuk performed tasks to ensure the safety of the movement of Russian troops. Moving along the route of the column, Yegor discovered a large group of Ukrainian nationalists armed with grenade launchers and small arms. Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, the Russian military decided to give battle to the enemy. The enemy opened fire on the positions of Russian military personnel with machine guns and heavy machine guns.Under fire, Felendyuk personally fired from a machine gun and suppressed a firing point with a heavy machine gun, and, having hit the ammunition of the militants, provoked an explosion that destroyed most of the nationalist group. , deprived of ammunition, fled from the battlefield. Thanks to the bold and decisive actions of Corporal Yegor Felendyuk, the ambush being prepared by the militants was thwarted. “

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