June 2, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Already today, May 5, at 22:00 on TNT, the third episode of the sketch show “Galustyan +” will be released, where the famous comedian Mikhail Galustyan will boldly ridicule a wide variety of problems in the format of short sketches.

This time, a guest star will appear on the show – chef Konstantin Ivlev. The famous culinary specialist will come to the studio to one of the most beloved characters of Galustyan, Zhorik Vartanov. The famous chef will have to listen to a lot of Zhorik’s unflattering remarks in his address and even answer him!

“You invited me to your show and said that everything would be professional, but here some furry leprechaun is talking nasty things about me!” – Ivlev is outraged.

In addition to the “culinary battle”, the audience is waiting for new adventures of the courier Alexander Rodionovich Borodach. A terrible thing will happen to him. Which one, you will learn from the show!

Next, caring Sasha, caring for an old woman for the sake of an apartment in the center of the capital, will try to find a magic pill that brings him closer to receiving the cherished inheritance. True, it is not known who will stop the heart faster from this medicine!

Another hero of Galustyan, new to the audience, is a small collector Valera. Together with his colleague Sanya (Vladimir Selivanov), he will try to extort a debt from someone big and strong. And it will even be successful, albeit doubtful. Well, a family with a separate budget will go on vacation to the Maldives.

And how they will do it, see the third issue. “Galustyan +” today at 22:00 on TNT!

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