June 6, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

The girls realized that the kitchen is a strategically important object for victory.

Starting this week, newcomers will no longer come to the New Stars in Africa show, which means that there is already a winner among those who remained on the project. Members of the two coalitions are trying to change strategies and set new goals. So, Maria Pogrebnyak and Natalya Bardo aim to “overthrow” the main chefs of the project, Maria Kravchenko and Natalia Medvedeva, from their place in the kitchen. In this, the girls are actively supported by rapper ST.

In order to have something to cook from in the kitchen, this time Maria Pogrebnyak and Natalia Medvedeva went to the test for coins. Despite the fact that the girls are the unspoken leaders of two different coalitions, for the sake of a common cause, they had to unite and go through a truly nauseating test. After him, Maria Pogrebnyak admitted that she had changed her mind about Natalia Medvedeva.

She supported me, she praised me, she became closer to me“, – said Maria on camera.

Returning to the camp, Pogrebnyak, deeply moved, even proposed a truce to Medvedeva, but the vote showed that the tough game continues and no one intends to make concessions.

For whom the participants decided to vote, and which of the coalitions lost an important vote, see the new episode of the New Stars in Africa show on Sunday, May 7 at 19.00 on TNT.

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