June 3, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Every Friday, a team of comedians led by the same presenter Alexei Shcherbakov gets together to make the audience laugh to tears on TNT, and this week will be no exception.

Vadim Postilny will be the first to take the stage. It turns out that the comedian undertook to learn English, and in a variety of ways, and not only with a tutor (but with him too!). The educational process delivers so many impressions that the stand-up comedian will devote most of his monologue to the difference in perception of the same expressions in Russian and English.

Andrei Kolmachevsky is not worried about linguistic difficulties, but about ordinary ones – in relationships. The stand-up artist had an affair with a younger girl, and he faced misunderstandings between generations. Thanks to Andrey, we will also learn how to spot an abusive woman and why a comedian is not at all captivated by a striptease.

Yegor Svirsky also had an experience of relationships with an age difference, just the opposite – after all, the comedian is 22 years old. In addition, Svirsky will share a problem: most of his friends earn much more than the stand-up artist himself. Although he learned to extract unexpected benefits from this.

Victoria Skladchikova also came up with a know-how – her life hack helps to receive compliments. Another girl visited a non-alcoholic wedding and realized that it was a waste of time. Vika will also not forget to share her “exploits” at parties with strong drinks. So, we will find out what she wrote to Jared Leto on social networks and what stories she was ashamed of later.

The evening will end with a performance by Artyom Vinokur with a culinary theme. The comedian worries about two things at once. First, about how we are losing the tradition of making spins. Secondly, about the dangers of all kinds of jams and pickles in themselves. The second part of the monologue will be devoted to medicine: the fact is that recently he had to take tests. This caused Artyom certain difficulties.

Even more humor – in the Stand Up show this Friday, May 5 at 23.00 on TNT.

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