June 6, 2023
Dmitry Borisov.

Dmitry Borisov.

Photo: First channel

The latest releases of the once one of the highest rated programs “Let them talk” left last year. For obvious reasons, the talk show completely disappeared from the broadcast network for some time, returning in May 2022 in a new format – with exits not every day, but once a week. And even in this mode, it did not last long, disappearing again for several months.

For the New Year 2023, the fans of the program received a gift: at the end of December Dmitry Borisov reappeared on the first button in recognizable interiors. But the heroes and themes of the audience were surprised: for example, the broadcast, in which the guests spoke to aliens in their language, was sold on the Web into numerous memes. In the last episode of the show, astrologers, numerologists and other experts gave a forecast for the next year … and that’s it: Borisov was no longer seen on the First.

Where the TV presenter disappeared is an open question, to which he himself is in no hurry to answer. It was said that Dmitry “moved” to the Zvezda TV channel, but there was no confirmation of this. Borisov himself occasionally flickers on social networks, usually posting selfies, but ignores communication with subscribers.

Meanwhile, the other day the location of the presenter was declassified by one of the participants in “Let them talk” Svetlana Malkova – her scandalous divorce story was discussed loudly two years ago. Then Malkova’s husband and the father of her four children left the family for actress Anastasia Makeeva, and the air was filled with endless issues about courts, alimony and mutual insults.

Dmitry Borisov and Svetlana Malkova met in the USA.

Dmitry Borisov and Svetlana Malkova met in the USA.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Now Malkova lives in America: there, while relaxing in Miami, she met Dmitry Borisov. Apparently, the acquaintances crossed paths at the play “Eugene Onegin” with Boris Smolkin in the title role: the production was played on the evening of May 3 at the local theater. Dmitry Borisov looks great in the general photo: in trendy sneakers, a colorful T-shirt, with an invariably perfect styling. But neither he nor Malkova gave any explanation: whether Borisov left for work, vacation or permanent residence remains a mystery.

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