June 1, 2023

Residents of one of the sleeping quarters in the Central District of Sochi were forced to put up with the stench and sewer streams that flooded their adjoining territories, as well as pedestrian and automobile zones. On some sections of the road, people had to move almost through sewage and dodge spray past passing cars. The source of discomfort turned out to be one of the apartment buildings along Alpiyskaya, or rather the owners of the housing and the management company, who did not repair the failed drainage system.

The water utility regularly intervened in the situation – specialists repeatedly eliminated blockages formed due to garbage washed off in the apartments of this MKD. Hundreds of cotton buds, feminine hygiene products, a variety of non-woven materials, rags and much more, simply blocked the gaps of the collectors and disrupted the drainage. At the same time, it turned out that this communication is private and the necessary work must be carried out by the forces and at the expense of the owners. However, they were in no hurry to do so. Based on the results of recent work, the resource supplying organization issued an invoice and a requirement to finally put their private sewerage system in order.

Substantive consultations were given to engineering services on how to bring their communications into proper condition. It turned out that the sewer pipes of the MKD were laid with violations of building codes and regulations already at the time of its construction. In particular, in the course of the telediagnostics carried out by the employees of the water utility, it was revealed that this collector was built with a deviation from the original design solution, including the installation of a rotary well, which is necessary for the timely maintenance of networks. In fact, there was no structural element, and important sections of the pipeline turned out to be isolated under one of the entrance groups of the house and paved with asphalt. All this only exacerbated the situation.

According to representatives of the management company, a contractor with the capacity to carry out the necessary work has been found. Restoration activities will be completed as soon as possible and at our own expense.

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