June 2, 2023
Larisa Guzeeva does not support the fashion for public sobbing

Larisa Guzeeva does not support the fashion for public sobbing

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Larisa Guzeeva burst into an angry rebuke to famous artists because of public grief for the deceased from cancer Valentin Yudashkin. Larisa Andreevna has long earned the fame of a woman who is not shy in expressions. She can embed in such a way that it doesn’t seem a little.

The funeral will take place on May 6, 2023 Valentin Yudashkin Troekurovsky cemetery. The funeral ceremony will begin at 11:00. The couturier died on May 2 after years of fighting kidney and esophageal cancer.

Fans and star friends mourn en masse in social networks in connection with the irreparable loss. Anita Tsoi was especially dispersed, who sobbed and spoke with delight about the couturier.

But Larisa Guzeeva does not support the fashion for public sobs. The TV presenter admitted that does not understand such public manifestations of grief and considers them disgusting. The star believes that people post all these posts solely for narcissism.

She literally howled with indignation: “What a disgusting thing this is: condolences in tears and snot on videos in social networks and other applications. For whom? Self-made pictures. Vulgarity and disgust.”

Then she turned to the public with the question of whether users of social networks agree with her: “What do you think?”.

The people supported Larisa Andreevna: “In real grief, there is no time for filming”, “Show-offs. It’s disgusting to look at”, “What kind of moronic fashion is crying in front of the public?”, “Why do they record videos in tears?”

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