June 6, 2023

The public company giahsa continues to reinforce the automated collection service for urban solid waste (MSW) with the acquisition of four trucks Bilateral cargo collectors for the replacement of your heavy fleet. As the executive director, Manuel Domínguez Limón, has reported, “we have made an investment very close to 1.2 million to meet the demand of our users and the increase in the production of waste produced compared to the last year. Hence, we have gone from having 16 bilateral cargo vehicles, including both collectors and container washers, to a total of 20”. These vehicles are used for the management of both organic waste/remainders, cardboard paper and light packaging.

Giahsa, in this way, “continues to improve and optimize the material resources that allow us to develop a service in the most efficient way, that of waste management and collection, which occupies a prominent place in our environmental policy and our Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs)”. These collection trucks, continued Domínguez, “allow collection to be carried out automatically, since it is the operator himself who performs complete control of the different maneuvers from the cabin”. On a technical level, each truck offers the maximum guarantees of performance, since it has a power of 360 horsepower, a maximum authorized mass of 26,000 kilos, a three-axle chassis, two of which are directional, an automatic gearbox and an air-conditioned cabin.

giahsa provides waste collection services to more than 230,000 users in the province. In the organic/other fraction, with a production that last year exceeded 100 million kilos, it has more than 6,200 specific containers distributed by it, both rear-loading and bilateral. Regarding paper/cardboard, with some 3.2 million kilos produced, and light packaging, with 2.5 million, users can use some 4,500 containers distributed throughout the province, between the two fractions.

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