May 30, 2023

Photo: administration of the Krasnodar Territory

During the day, the ferries “Kerchinsky-2”, “Lavrentiy” and “Maria” transported 221 cars and 299 passengers to Crimea.

Since the morning of May 5, 148 cars have been in line for the crossing in the village of Ilyich. Basically, these are trucks with food and essential goods. Volunteers are on site.

The rest of the storage areas have been put into reserve.

Since the start of the operation of the Kerch ferry crossing from the night of October 9, a total of more than 141.9 thousand passengers, 114.1 thousand vehicles and over 14.5 thousand railway cars have been transported through the strait in both directions.

In the Krasnodar Territory continue to operate restrictions and rules for the passage of trucks to the Kerch ferry crossing. Only heavy trucks with priority cargo – food and essential goods can travel through the region and cross to the Crimea by ferry.

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