June 6, 2023

Professionals from the Health Emergencies Center 061a body belonging to the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), provide training in the use of the automated defibrillator (AED) and basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniqueswith the aim of helping to save the lives of people who suffer cardiac arrest both on the way to Dew Like in the same village.

Members of 16 filial brotherhoods of the Virgen del Rocío They have met this week at the Territorial Delegation of Health and Consumption, where health workers from 061 have trained members of the Rocíos subsidiaries who will travel through the roads of the Huelva province to ensure that the Rocío Pilgrimage of this year 2023 continues to be cardioinsured .

The workshops, which were attended by the territorial delegate, Manuela Caro, and the director of the Huelva 061 Health Emergencies Center, Juan Chaves, had the purpose of ensuring that the members of the subsidiaries and all the staff that have been trained in previous years they are able to identify an unconscious person, an airway obstruction and a cardiorespiratory arrest, and act on these incidents.

With this acquired knowledge, each delegation will have the necessary elements to assist a person in the first and decisive moments before a possible cardiac arrest along the way and in the village itself. This initiative, which began in 2019, was interrupted by the pandemic and was resumed last year, in which the brotherhoods and emergency operatives also received this training.

The Basic Life Support course taught, which has followed the standards and recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council, therefore authorizes trained pilgrims to manage AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). By having this training, emergencies 112 will provide DEA equipment to the participating brotherhoods: Bollullos Par del Condado, Bonares, Cartaya, Chucena, Emigrantes, Escacena del Campo, Gibraleón, Hinojos, Isla Cristina, La Palma del Condado, Lucena del Puerto, Punta Umbría, Rociana del Condado, Trigueros and Villalba del Alcor.

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