June 3, 2023
The operation cost Fisher $124,000.

The operation cost Fisher $124,000.

In our time, you will not surprise anyone with an increase in the breast or lips. But the 31-year-old German blogger model Theresia Fisher in pursuit of beauty went to lengthening the legs. She underwent two operations to implant adjustable telescopic rods in her lower legs. The designs added almost 14 centimeters to her height. Now her height is 182.8 cm, writes The New York Post.

The operation cost Fisher 124,000 dollars, medications and physiotherapy were also added to this amount, as a result – 161,000 dollars (12.5 million rubles).

Teresia is far from the only one who is ready to go under the knife for the sake of the cherished centimeters. Recently, such an operation has gained popularity, its cost ranges from 70 to 150 thousand dollars, depending on how many centimeters the patient wants to “grow”. Remarkably, men most often go to such a test, believing that they will meet their soul mate this way.

German model lengthened her legs by 14 centimeters

German model lengthened her legs by 14 centimeters

The process of lengthening the legs is extremely painful and rather resembles the torture of the robber Procrustes. During the operation, the surgeon breaks the patient’s femur and inserts metal rods there, which gradually add additional centimeters. Over the next three months, the rods gradually lengthen by one millimeter per day, which ultimately makes the patient taller. The rehabilitation process is long and no less painful than the operation itself. Everything hurts: nerves, muscles.

Theresia Fisher admitted that she went for such a difficult operation because of the mockery from others. But the extra 14 cm in height did not save the girl from envious people.

“Now I feel happy, I’m happy with my legs,” Fisher said. – Thanks to the leg lengthening procedure, I found myself, overcame old psychological traumas. But I’m being bullied again.

In addition, the German woman shared that long legs had a beneficial effect on her sex life, adding flexibility and maneuverability.

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