June 1, 2023

After the first meeting held between the Minister of Universities, Research and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos and the unions CCOO and UGT, within the framework of the Social and Economic Pact for the Promotion of Andalusia signed by the Junta and the social agents, on March 13; From our union formations we positively value the commitment that the administration has made for dialogue in what refers to the design of a new financing model for public universities.

Although it is true that the general lines of the new model were presented to us, it is no less true that we miss economic data that would support the good intentions of the Board. For example, in how the universities are going to be provided with sufficient financing to allow them to develop their own strategic planning and, therefore, to improve the conditions of the entire university community.

In this scenario, both the CCOO and the UGT want to record our disposition in the negotiations. We want to achieve the maximum consensus and reach the necessary agreements that make possible the improvement of SUPA, (Andalusian Public University System).

However, we cannot hide our concern, motivated by the budgetary situation in which some of our universities find themselves, as a result of cuts in recent years, by the failed 2022 Financing Model and by the Budget of the Junta de Andalucía for Public Universities by 2023.

In fact, we already stated, at the time, that with the 2.4% increase in SUPA financing, all personnel expenses were not guaranteed, nor were the operating expenses affected by the serious energy crisis that we have been dragging ( electricity and gas, and the increase in the costs of essential services for universities such as cleaning or security, among others).

Having said this, we are pleased with the immediacy with which we have been summoned to the next meeting. Hoping that on that occasion our doubts about the budget for public universities will be clarified in order to guarantee the financial sufficiency of the system and compliance with the agreements that are still pending.

University Staff

Among these are the regional complement of the PDI (Research Teaching Staff), the payment of the remaining 50% of the fifth tranche of the Productivity Supplement for the Improvement and Quality of Services (CPMCS) of the PAS and the development of the Horizontal Career; as well as the payment of the arrears corresponding to the effective application of said agreements since January 2019.

Finally, from the CCOO and the UGT we reiterate our firm commitment to dialogue in favor of our public education system and we hope, for the good of the university community, that after five years without agreements, we will finally be able to materialize a good financing model for our Andalusian public university. Our land deserves it. Your future is in our hands.

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