June 2, 2023

The general strike of Justice officials, with 24-hour strikes, called by the Independent Central Union of Officials (CSIF) –majority union in the Justice–, together with STAJ, CCOO and UGT to demand a decent salary increase in line with the functions they carry out on a daily basis, has been a resounding success, with 90% follow-up by the 500 officials of the General and Special Corps in Huelva.

95 percent of the trials scheduled for today have been suspended (the majority in the fields of Civil, Commercial and Social), and only those related to fundamental rights have been held. This has been revealed by the person in charge of the CSIF Justice Sector in Huelva, Mari Paz de la Cruz, who has participated in the concentration called at the gates of the social courts in Huelva.

Officials demand a salary increase in line with the functions they perform on a daily basis, specifically between 350 and 430 euros. This increase would be carried out through the concept ‘General complement of the position’, a basic remuneration linked to their functions, which would allow raising the salary of the group throughout the State, regardless of the autonomous community in which they work.

The mobilizations will harden if the Government does not offer them an economic proposal. In fact, new 24-hour strikes have already been called for on May 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18, and the call for an indefinite strike has not even been ruled out. We regret the damage that this strike is causing to citizens (more than 5 million administrative files and tens of thousands of trials have already been paralyzed) but Minister Pilar Llop is solely responsible for the collapse that is going to cause the Justice.

More than 500 Huelva workers called to strike in Justice

Specifically, the 45,000 workers throughout the national territory are called to 24-hour strikes, with 9,000 in Andalusia and 500 in Huelva, constituting 93 percent of the workforce: procedural and administrative managers, citizen service, registration of documents, drafting and distribution of proceedings, orders, notifications, etc. Also included are medical examiners and toxicology physicians, laboratory technicians, etc.

“We have already had enough patience with Minister Llop and with the Government. If they don’t make a move, Justice will collapse and they will be the only ones responsible. In addition, with its refusal to negotiate and meet the just demands of the Justice workers, the Government demonstrates its null interest in the public service that citizens receive”, points out Mari Paz de la Cruz, head of Justice at CSIF.

In this sense, De la Cruz has warned that “the minister cannot support the fact that there are first-class and second-class workers” in terms of remuneration, and that “if there is money for salary improvements, it must be for everyone, especially for the 93 of the Justice staff and through whose hands pass one hundred percent of all the papers that affect citizens in their relationship with this public service”.

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