June 4, 2023

He step of the Virgen del Rocío is already in the Sanctuary from the Almonte village waiting to be enthroned for celebration of the Pilgrimage 2023after having undergone analysis and repair after the break in the front left bench that it suffered during last year’s procession and which has concluded with the completion of a new internal structure.

As reported by the Matrix of Almonte Brotherhood on their social networks, “the new structure is completely mechanized, having eliminated the welds. The materials used are carbon fiber and aeronautical aluminum», in such a way that the weight of the passage is relieved and the safety of the Virgin and that of the people from Almonte who carry her are increased.

step break

During the procession of 2022, the passage of the Virgen del Rocío suffered a rip on the left front bank of the litter, which led to the early collection of the Virgin.

The event took place at around 6:15 a.m. on Pentecost Monday, at which time the Matrix Brotherhood decided to suspend the tour of the White Dove through the village, on its visit to all the affiliated brotherhoods. Three hours had passed since the fence jump occurred (3.13 hours).

The Matriz de Almonte Brotherhood reported on social networks that the procession was suspended “due to the breakage of a bench on the processional litter and for the safety of the Virgin.”

The breakage occurred near the Brotherhood of Triana, during the tour of the village of La Blanca Paloma. At that moment the decision was made for safety and the procession, which was to last until noon, came to an end.

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